Dear Cupid,

               I know you can’t read this but who cares? Someone (maybe your friend from the mortal world) might ever read this blog entry. You can laugh at me now. Ok, I lose.

               I lose because I promised (did I?) not to feel something from someone. I promised not to idolize someone nor love them. I just don’t want to assume and be hurt again.

               HAHAHA. Laugh at me,please or maybe not. Im so serious here. :p

               Yes, maybe I realized this a bit late. Hey I had a crush on a senior student. He’s my friend but we’re not that close. We used to talk random things – crush and the such last RSPC. Aaaaaaaaaand, HAHAHHA. If I kept talking about this you might know whom Im talking about. HAHHAHA :p

               Yes, he’s not that cute but he asdfgjkl. Super turn on.

               I doubted his gay but then I found out he had a crush on that certain someone. HAHHAHA

               I wanna tell the truth about what Im feeling right now but eyes are on me and there’s this great possibility that my friends might read this and tell the whole wide universe my new crush is. Waaaaaaaaaaah, no way highway. :pp

               So yeah, he’s quite intelligent but he doesn’t know how to control his temper and he’s talkative. HAHAHA

               You might have some clue but naaaah, just shattap and lemme feel the moment XD.



Dear Someone,

               Hey, you going to college? Will you repeat the senior year for me? Let’s talk about things and I promise I won’t make you feel bored. Mehihi. J

               You know that feeling you have in your stomach when someone puts his shoulder on you and looks for you? Maybe these were all nothing for you but, Hey! Qwertyuiop Im feeling this thing. Plus you gave me a flower aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand secret :pp

               That would be all and see you so soon. The next time I will meet you would be the time I will face you with no feeling of kiligness and such.

               See you very well soon, ehem :*



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