WTF Untitled 101


WTF. I spent the whole thirty minutes looking for her blue wallet. I was in our store when she asked me to look for it. And as you can remember, our store was maybe 50 meters far from home. I returned with nothing from my hand but Im sure to myself I looked for it as best as I can do.

               She then said and then ask for the house’ key. When she returned, she asked me to go to the house and look for it AGAIN. Im not a good-tempered daughter sometimes, so when I was searchinff for that Gdamn wallet, I uttered any bad words I could possibly think (just kidding).

               Then my cousin came and asked me to go to our store. And then, there she was standing still and smiling about to ride the motorcycle. When the motorcycle passed by me, I asked her if she finally found the fvcking wallet but she answered me with a teasing face then left.

               Gaaaaaaaaaaaad. Asdfghjklpoiuytrewq, I hate it. Why is she asking me things like that when it’s her possession? Whenever I asked her where my things are, she would reply like this: “They’re not mine so Im not responsible to them. Go find it.” So when her wallet would be lost, it’s not my responsibility to look for it. Daaaaaaaaah. Though I feel a bit guilty because what’s in the wallet really matters—the budget for everything. Yeah, ok I lose and Mother won again. I guess, this blog really helps reducing my anger towards my mother right now. HAHAHAH.



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