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National Schools Press Conference 2014

Hey ya. Oooo-aaaa yohorat! Imma back here in WordPress ❤

I’ve been out for a week for I attended the NATIONAL SCHOOLS PRESS CONFERENCE 2014 which was held at Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Olongapo , Philippines last April 7-10.

The group departed last April 6 since our place was really far from the venue. Imagine, we need to ride a bus to Ozamis, take plane from Ozamis to Manila and ride a van to Subic. Long hours of sitting and sleeping -___-“

Anyways, I experienced a lot of FIRST TIMES during that tour. Mehehe

One, that was my first plane ride. XD It’s really a blessing to have an opportunity in going to far places because of winning a certain competition. Like? I visited Zamboanga City two years ago because I was qualified for RSPC and now I had the privilege to visit Subic and Manila for I was qualified to NSPC. Im so blessed, thank you God.

Anyways, the first time I rode that plane.. I got so nervous. WHAT IF? What if there would be a plane crash? What if we would suffer things like the passengers of the Flight MH370? What if the plane would vanish or simply sank at the bottom of Indian Ocean? What if there’s a terrorist attack? Oh blimey, Im over-reacting. Anyways, when we were onboard and was ready for take-off, I swore to myself to never ever throw up. NEVER. When the plane, just like flew in the sky, t’was like my soul was left. Like, my body was 10 meters ahead of my soul. HAHA Sorry for the grammar. XD

Here’s a little scenery I captured when we were onboard. Lake Taal ❤ HAHA



The view was really amazing right? HAHA There’s more but sarreh I dont have those pictures. XD But I can still remember some amazing scenes like — the fluffy clouds towering at each other, the high-rise buildings of Metro Manila and many more. Being a neofight flight passenger, I really felt a sudden shiver down my spines when the plane unintentionally collides with a big mass of clouds. Woaaaah 😮

We arrived at the NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at maybe 9:30 AM? Wooooah. The airport was really really big. :3 I might get loss when I stay out with the group.

A van picked us at the airport which will be transporting us to Subic. Five-hour drive to gooo! :3

We took our lunch at Jollibee Marilao Branch. I dunno where Marilao is but I think it’s somewhere in Bulacan? :3 Dont have any idea tho.

As what I observed, I really saw how cars and other vehicles speeds up at NLEX and you would really agree why death rates increase. Over-speeding. Truck drivers are just too confident they wont crash into something because of the wide road but the hell.. by just looking at it.. KILLS ME.


Ollah mi amigos, goodbye mother tongue and ollah voila Tagalog! 😀 We just arrived at Sta Rita Elementary School, Region IX’s quarter. Saw some familiar faces from RSPC and Regional Festival of Talents. Nothing important happened except when we went to SM Olongapo where I bought Marcelo Santos’ novel entitled Para sa mga Hopeless Romantic worth 150php. I also bought a body lotion from Watsons since I haven’t brought my lotions because according to Ma’am ROM lotions are totally banned at airport. Im to foolish to believe her. WTF -_-”

Anyways, we just stayed at Sta Rita for a night and when the sun rose, jeepneys were prepared to bring us to our new quarter. AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF SUBIC, OF WE GO! ARIBA!

Imagine myself holding 2 backpacks and a trolley.. wearing a faded blue pants and a black jacket.. haggard, with eyebags and haven’t taken any bath.. Im so ew , right? But I did it guys! We transfered to our new quarters without even taking our bath. We were to confident that water is abundant in Olongapo just like here at our place but we were wrong. :3


That’s AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF SUBIC. We went there without taking our bath. :3

When we took our first step at AIS, we were really astounded to the place. It was an international school after all.With dormitories and other facilities. When we went to our rooms, it was really really cool. OMFG. In one big door, there’s 4 sub-doors, in eache sub-door comes 7 bed. So, our group occupied one room but there’s a little conflict with the room-assigning so we transferred to another room and to another room. Ma’am Pacong instructed us not to take a bath because the opening program wsa about to start.. So we had no choice but to change our clothes, brush our teeth and get out of the room.



*drum rolls please?* && *tennentenenen* haha

Say hi to the bag of supot at my right hand! XD Anyways, I love the venue. ❤ The convention center was sooooo big! I mean really huge! 😀 Hey ya, I saw Bro. Armin Luistro, DepEd Secretary and Joel Villanueva, TESDA secretary. His excellency, Noynoy Aquino wasn’t able to be there so Mr. Villanueva represented him. 😀 

Mr. Villanueva talked about inspiring life-lessons — like how a pencil and a person are similar to each other (sharpening the pencil, makes a person better and sharper) and many many more.

April 8,2014 – 8 AM. We loss hope on winning the title for Mrs. Valde,English Secondary head reprimanded us for being slow on going to the venue. She uttered words which really stabbed our hearts. <//3 Holy asjdfldgldgdf, when we arrived at the venue the contest haven’t started oh thanks god! WTH Valde, you’re so U-G-G-H!

At 1 PM, our contest started with no mobile phones allowed. :3 Each region has there guardian // teacher angel who guard us on almost everything we do.

We interviewed TV5’s weather forecaster// handsome// young// news-editor//same voice with ABS-CBN’s Atom Araullo. We were drooling at him until we realized we wasted time and started late at layouting the newspaper. :3 Thanks God we finished early :)) Ohyebaaaah.


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