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To you, who had been hurting.

To you who had been hurting.


Should I say hi? No, it would be too inappropriate. I know you more than anybody else does. In fact, Im the only person who knows you, THE REAL YOU.

               You’re hurt. You’ve been hurting for a quite long time now, you’re in pain yet nobody seemed to notice. Except me, I am the only person who sees right through you. I can see that behind those gorgeous smiles, are tears which took you everything –your real happiness.

You’re bullied. But people don’t know that. Nobody do only I do. They call it “friendly bullying” or just a “friendly insult”, but it isn’t friendly anymore when it hurts you, is it? I know that the purpose was just to make everyone laugh or that was just meant as a joke but crap, but those jokes pierced through your heart. You started to think that people only need you so that they can laugh at you, embarrassed you in front of everyone. So you thought no one really needs you nor loves you.

You’re dying.  Not literally dying but you’re dying inside. T’was like someone punch you in the face – there’s a bigger possibility that you can still get up and take revenge yet you still choose to lie on the ground and just close your eyes. You’re dying, or I might say you wanna die.   You wanna take a rest from all of these problems the human world face. You wanna get away from your family problems to your friends’ betrayal down to your lovelife. You wanna stay away with everyone’s expectations to you – your academic career, your future. You wanna cut yourself. You thought about it not just once but a lot.

               You are hurt, you are bullied and you are dying. All you wanted is to live… for the first time.But no one can grant you that.. not even me.

               But, you are not alone. I am with you, in hard times when you feel like giving up. I will always be with you.. until you finally realized that we only live once and instead of staying at the corner, you’ll finally realized that getting up and enjoying life again is  no harm. That trusting someone again might probably be dangerous but who cares? And giving grudge to your friends wont do any good so you would either ask for your forgiveness or forgive them. And you’ll realize that God is with you no matter what and He’ll help you no matter how big your problem is. You just need to trust Him and pray.

               I will always be with you.. for I am you and you are me. And the only thing you have.. is yourself.



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