2014. · DexielgetsSerious

The Spray Thing~

While Im typing this.. Im scared as hell.

I think I’m hallucinating or imagining things — scary things.

It’s already 12:10 AM and Im still awake. Been thinking if someone’s staring at me — face covered with blood who wears white dress.

I can feel my sweat dropping. I can hear the sound of the cricket from a far.. the slow movement of curtains who sent shivers down my spine. Ohgod.. I cant breathe.

Im about to tell you this SPRAY THING. Well, are you familiar with Her Bench? The bottle spray colored pink under Bench? Will the scent was gorgeous and it was actually Ma’am Pacong’s cologne.

So.. I think it’s been the third time when my Father and I experienced this scene in which my Father and I suddenly paused for a brief moment in the living room asking who sprayed that kind of smell. Like someone just sprayed it and then the sent just diffused in the air. I told him that I dont have that cologne but I knew what kind of cologne it was.

At first, I just ignored it. But damn Im really scared now. My father told me that when he slept here in the afternoon he also smelled that scent.. then he just thought for a while .. I dunno why Im feeling this but Im scared. 😮 >_<“


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