2014. · Bookworm's Stuff · Family

Weird Dream~

So I was currently reading a book in Wattpad entitled If I Fall. I am pretty obsessed about it this past few days. I read it before I go to bed, hid it under my pillows and read it when my insomnia strikes. I read it when Im bored. The story’s too long,that’s why it took me daysto finish reading it.

So there was this chapter in which the male character said ” curiosity killed the cat” and the female character replied him with “satisfaction take it back”

In my dream, I was travelling with my aunt and my Mom to an unknown place. Then the scenario changed. We were at a cathedral. All I can remember was it’s Ozamis City’s cathedral. I was just sitting at the church’s waiting area and then I heard a group of people praying. Then I was too curious so I peeked at the church. I was curious if the place was that huge and/or if the ceilings had paintings.

When I returned to my seat my mom just told me,”curiosity killed the cat” and then I replied her. I told her with much confidence in my voice, “satisfaction took it back”.

Seriously. reading did that to me. :3 HAHHAHA


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