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What happened in a Week (Brigada Eskwela)


The picture above is a remembrance of our advocacy campaign last Sunday, May 18,2014.

We went to DXPB Radio ng Bayan and I was so tensed speaking on that microphone which I knew that my voice would be broadcast on the entire Salug Valley. I stuttered a lot when Sir Villarubia asked me. OMG. I didn’t saw that coming. 😥 I was so ashamed of myself.

Then we went to my place’s Radio station for the campaign. It was me and Rose who were assigned to be the host. Oh goodness! I thought it would be easier but .. no its not.

Monday- Brigada Opening Program

I met Dr. Malcom Garma. He is so friggin handsome, I wanted to melt during the interview.


We cleaned the G-damn dumpsite. I wore jeans, my SSG tee and dollshoes. After cleaning they were so dirty, I swore to any Gods I would never set foot on that site AGAIN.


Great! The executive officers and 4th year representatives left me for their NDRRMC seminar. I was left to take care of the younger year level representatives. Like Jhung said, “Hey Dex, you will be the acting president TODAY.”


Nothing happened really. I went there late, ate lunch at Lhaie’s and had a short meeting for the Culmination Program.


Got my brigada slip & enrollment slip. Went grocery with Lhaie @ Juanita Enterprises. 🙂 Really had some fun. She treated me XD 😀

I missed some fun tho @ Jhung’s house -_-” Went home early and I played and watched The Heirs ❤ ❤




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