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First Day High !

Dear Diary,

 I hate writing this but I swore to myself to make a daily blog about school. So here I am, making a fool of myself. :3

Today’s the first day of classes. I saw my classmates I last saw last March. Some grew tall, some had new hairstyles but nothing changed to our section. We’re still the same old class who were so noisy when no teacher is around. Im still Dexiel, the talkative and the conceited. HAHA

I arrived ear;y at school which made me one of the officers who were panicking on what to do at the convocation program that morning. Some executive officers were still not around so we were the one who were asked by Sir. I texted Vyahng that morning, and I swore I shouldn’t have bothered. I mean, I was sort of reprimanded when in fact I was just following instructions. She got the point, errkey?I loss.

The worst thing of being an officer is that, you get to instruct your fellow students tp shut their mouth and behave during the entire program. I was assigned to the grade seven students who were so hard-headed and were so noisy I cant take them under control. 

Tsk, those new faces. I bet I knew whose gonna be a headache to the teachers now. 😀

Rose was late, Vyahng was pissed. Bless was nervous and I was pushed to be the emcee. We dont have a script, the program was about to begin, Rose arrived. I exited. mehihi

Worst thing today was, ALL-in-ALL, the rain fell hard and I was wearing a heeled shoes and the tricycle drivers were so choosy on picking their passengers and I was so pissed. I went home late and my legs hurt like hell. I bet I cant survive an entire month wearing a high-heeled shoes. :3

Now Im still awake at ten when Im supposed to snore now lying under my comfy blanket. I just finished making my narrative report at Oplan Balik Eskwela and my script for Friday’s convocation program. So I guess, Im starting to get busy now.

Holla, fourth year! Please be good ❤


ImageDexieeeeel ❤


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