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Third Day.

Dear Diary,

Sir Nilo scolded us the whole first period. Well, it was our fault. We started the convocation program earlier without the permission of the guidance Counselor and a game was supposed to be done but the emcee just said their closing remarks. All in all, it was such a failure because an SSG officer forgot to memorize the DepEd vision :3

Aaaaa, Im such a grumpy I already forgot Physics which we took last year. We had this Pre-test and I just got 12/25. whatta shame.

There were so many surprise quizzes but we had 2 hours vacancy this afternoon. We took selfies since Jhung got a monopod and we talked and slept and everything. mwahehe

I also went home early and I enjoyed the amazing weather today. Here’s the catch:Image The clouds were so loveleh I dont need to filter it. HAHA 😀 Admiring nature at its best ❤ ^_^

It’s been a tiring day but 2 days more before weekends. 😀

Anyways, I hate those ignorant people who only value money instead of their culture. Shame on those Filipinos who thought the jars found on the cave in Mindanao were just for a display. On the other hand, foreigners were after it, offering thousand of pesos for the artifacts. Duuuuh? Srsly, I think it’s better that SOME people were just meant to take care of the Philippine artifacts than tFilipinos having them but not knowing what significance those artifacts may bring. :3 >_<

Goodnight, it’s getting late tho :* 🙂


Image Deeeeex ❤



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