so random//lovelife.

So yeah. Im afraid Im going to the wrong path again. I mean I made promise to myself that I wont ever repeat the same mistake twice but I think Im on my way to doing it again. >_< It was not my intention to be attached to this guy. It was never my intention. 😦 Then Im falling again. 

He’s not boring, he’s gentleman yet I dont know him that much. He was my friends’ friend so when they had an opportunity to meet they invited me. Look? It was not my intention to be there I just dont want to think Im such a party-pooper so I went with them.

The group decided to include me in their group by I see no reason why I should be included? First of all, they know that Im not allowed to go out on weekends which their group usually do. My mother’s strict about me going home late. Yes, I know they wantedto make their friend happy but including me in their group kinda presured me.

I visited the group in FB and was kinda hurt when I saw her picture their. Ya know her? She was the girl he courted before. I sometimes think it’s impossible for him to fall inlove to me. I mean he was hurt and then when we chatted and texted for days he then fall for me? Come on, he cant love a woman he just met. (Elsa said that to Ana, Frozen)

So yeah, I dont feel like Im welcome in there and I dont think I belong in there.

Basically adding this nonsense talking, I dont want to be attached to someone right now. Im in fourth year high school and I wanna take things seriously. I dont want any distractions. There are many priorities that I should do first than love.  Just like what my mother said “Finish your studies first. And Im sure men will be there chasing after you.” So she’s right.

And oh by the way, this guy.. I still dont know him that much. Maybe I was just a rebound. Maybe he was just using me to move on. There are many maybe’s and I think they need time to be answered. Please please, guide me God.



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