2014. · SchoolStuff

Advancement of Technology: World’s perfection or destruction?

My article for Advanced Physics. :))

In this present globalized world, we are living in the era of advanced technology. Almost everything we do involves application of technology. Technology affects our daily lives in everything that we do; it saves time, creates a world of endless learning, and makes traveling to halfway around the world effortless.
But is the advancement of technology for the world’s perfection or destruction? How can it affect our daily lives?
There are many advantages of technology which affects our daily life. With the help of mobile technology, we are able to communicate with our family and friends from far places. With just a click in your mobile phone, you can text them or hear their voices.The internet brings the world to your finger tips where you can have an endless amount of learning. With internet, business and trade became faster and reliable. Imagine, you can transact business with person who is far away from you. Aside from that, we are able to video chat our loved ones when we missed them, get the hottest news from the internet from anywhere in the world with just a blink of an eye. Through social networking sites like Facebook, we were able to communicate with our old friends, colleagues and relatives. With technology we were able to reach distant places for hours which may took a month when travelled during the old times. Furthermore, through information technology, students like me were able to receive information through interactive classrooms using projectors in teaching. Were also able to do things easier—make an instant coffee from the coffee machine when you drop a five peso to it and an automatic dishwasher.
On the other hand, technology itself has its bad side. Technology may solve another problem but it also creates another problem. Because of internet, students like me are too dependent on searching their assignment on the internet. We rely on them so much instead of consulting first the books which are way too accurate than that of internet. Aside from that, children became addicted to online games which may cause poor eyesight and their physical activities are becoming less. Children and teenagers became addicted to internet which decreased their family’s bonding time. Furthermore, because of the internet, cybercrime – racism and cyberbullying were born.
Vehicles were made to transport us from one place to another, one of the greatest inventions in history. But, they emit carbon dioxide gases which affects our environment, making our ozone layer thin and our respiratory system prone to disease like lung cancer.
Technology is like a coin which has both positive and negative sides. We are the deciders and we have to choose how to use it. The usage of technology for over exploitation of resources should be always avoided. If we use it for positive things, it will have positive effect of our lives and vice versa. Nobody would oppose the development of technologies in any sector but the developments should be in a positive way and they should not have any negative impact on present or future generations.


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