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before tonight ends.

I know im about to regret my decisions but I think somethings just dont last? What we had was was an awesome Iove you know. 🙂 too many first time for that guy. Never felt that special before.


Jmp, maybe it is still not the right time. Maybe we were bound to be friends and that only. I love you but you know too complicated. 😦  In a positive way, maybe we were set to loce each other when things are right same with the right tym. 🙂  jmp, please dont stop and be afraid of loving. The best woman is yet to come and maybe she deserves you better than I do.

Anyway, Devie.. If you still love or have feelings for her.. Why not pursue her? But if you think you would hurt yourself then dont.

I wont avoid you. You are still special. 🙂  you can voice out ur problems to me and I will just be here. For the last time, you know what I mean ;**


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