2014. · DexielGetsDramatic · DexielgetsSerious

Blabberings. Version 2.0 <3

Yes, we all know JMP right? I know he’s serious to me, with all his efforts and such. But, you just cant simply understand what Im feeling right now. I feel so asdfghjkl. He said he moved on with Devie but no he’s still inlove with her. It’s a hard time ya know. Falling inlove to someone who’s trying to act like he’s inlove with you but he’s just trying to forget the other lady. 😥

It hurts. Yeah, it hurts. I decided not to pursue what’s between us. It’s my choice. It doesn’t feel right.. to love him in the midst of a complicated setup and I dont want to break my parents’ trust.

We talked about certain things. Told him we better off as friends. He agreed. I explained almost everything. Told him what I said and showed were true but asdfghjkl. No matter how he explained that he moved on, I can really feel the truth that he’s still into her. I mean, he cant deny that. I’ve been there. I pretended that I moved on months back. I know some of you would tell me it’s the worst decision I made but it’s a choice between HURTING TODAY or HURTING EVERYDAY.

He’s into her. I gave him the chance to think. I know it’s not good for me to give up on him quickly but I felt like Im the villain here. That Im the witch to their happy ending story. Just you know, understand me.


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