2014. · DexielgetsSerious · Diary


Awkward. Really awkward.

Saw her last morning and I was really hesitant if I should greet her, ask her if she feels fine or not. In the end, my innere goddess trold me, “heya Dex, back-off. She might avoid you.” So instead of waiting them, I immediately went to the line.

Lunch time? Umm. Im really shy to make the first move so I just pretennded that I felt nothing,

But then, she asked something to me. Then we played ny tablet and end of the story.


Here’s the thing, Im;8 not really mad at Vyahng. I was just disappointed and hurt but nothing more and nothing less. I know she also felt that it was awkward and I admire that girl for taking up the courage to aproach me first. I know she knows she was her fault and maybe that was the reason she’s also hesitant to approach. Idk. I easily forgive people even though they dont even ask my forgiveness.. You know, we’re friends for almost 4 years now and we’ve been through to maaaaaany problems and I dont think this issue is just too important to be the reason why our friendship would end. So yeah, lovelovelove. 



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