2014. · DexielgetsSerious

Blopblop. XD

Im still sitting in my desk with my laptop in front of me. Im in the midst of procrastinating, not even touching a single piece of my Research work in Physics. 🙂 Im halfway there since I woke up at three this morning so Im giving myself a free time to relax.

It’s raining yet it is still hot. Im probably bored because 1. the frick-frackin internet just got back to service and God knows I waited a gazillion hours for it to comeback, 2. I dont know what do first”m portfolios, journal or research work, 3: My body’s probably working but my eyes are about to shutdown and 4. my mind had gone somewhere.

Im sipping this creamywhite coffee which I find really tasty with ice cubes in it while watching PBB. Im thinking of something — my birthday.

Im turning sixteen and I guess things are about to come. Im going to college next year and Im sure it’s would be a great pressure for all of us. Back to the main topic, I don’t even have any idea if I can finish high school. XD Not that we have financial issues but the requirements besh. :3 The research paper in which our investigatory project is still not on the go. 

So I think Im done with this nonsense talk? It’s already Bandila on ABS_CBN and good to say, I never did anything productive tonight. Except for the mere fact that I published two blogs tonight and saved Rose’s pictures for a birthday greeting tomorrow. 🙂

Well, goodnight pals and God bless. :*


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