That feeling you got when you totally wanna buy something yet you don’t have any money.

               Srsly, my list of “THINGS I WANTED TO BUY” are getting longer and longer. It’s not that Im ambitious or something but come on, Im a teenager and I envy people who have those things BUT not to the extent that I would do anything bad to have it.

               News update: Im saving. HAHAHA. I always told myself to save yet ended up nothing (not a single coin in my piggy bank) So, I was really determined to save because you know, Im going to college (except for the mere fact that I also want to buy something but I don’t know it yet.  Maybe I wanna buy a book, a gadget, a dress or I don’t know. :p).

               So yeah, it’s July (month before my birthday) and I wanna ask my mom something. She’s on a trip right now to Cagayan and told her to buy me loombands (lol. Just want to spend my time hanging on with those bands) mehihi. Annnnnnd, told her to bring home some pasalubong.

`              Fangirling alert: Veronica Roth’s Four: A Divergent Story is already published yesterday and God knows how much I love that book series I wanna read it and I cant wait for a PDF in the internet.

               So what I did was to think of a brilliant plan. Im really afraid to ask my mom to buy that book since I wanted her (or my aunt, her oldest sister) buy the Bloods of Olympus for me which will be published soon in August.  BUT, gaaaaaaah, I cant waaait to read Four too.  So back to the main topic, Im currently thinking of  a brilliant plan in which I would try to ask my Mommy (my aunt, my mom’s older sister) to buy me that book.

               If they don’t want to buy it.. then I guess I need to wait for half a year just to grab the PDF copy. Ugh,poor me. #bookwormfeels


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