If Philippines is a third world country ( which is in another word, POOR), then why not print many copies of a thousand bill just to be rich?

*I mean, our country is printing copies of different kinds of bill but still we are poor.. then why cant we print out hundred thousands of it  just to pay our debts to the other countries and be rich? lol.


Sorry for the nonsense talk. This is another excuse of procrastinating. :p


4 thoughts on “#SuddenLifeRealizationsWhileTakingABath

  1. because the money would be worthless…
    look up Russia’s economic history i’m pretty sure they did it in the early years of the Russian revolution. screwed them over big time.
    Its probably like the worst thing you could do for your economy


    1. My classmate told me that it depends upon the country’s resources. Philippines dont have enough resources so they only print a limited amount of bills. Like for example, their resources only cost 100 million, so they only need to print money bills worth 100 million, 🙂


      1. Yeah makes sense kinda! What i was trying to say was that if any country just starts printing heaps of notes the money becomes worthless as say 100 dollars will not have the same value its value would be like 2 dollars. So milk would cost like 150 dollars or something


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