2014. · DexielgetsSerious · Diary

Throwback regardless of the day :)

Yesterday’s July 11. Wooot woot. This deserve a najor throwback people! XD 😀

First, dont judge me. Posting this doesn’t mean Im still into this young man BUT I posted this because it brought back the memories (kiligness & such <3)

So yeah, been a year and two days since we had our first conversation on FB. 😀 😀

However, we were not totally strangers because he’s my ex-classmate in grade school. He was a good guy, told me not to mind others because they’re insecure at me. He’s there always and good Lord! He’s handsome so his fangirls kept on pestering me. Lol backoff haters he’s mine, jk

So he visited at our school. ❤ HAHA After almost 2 months, we broke up for several reasons I dont want you to find out XD Anyways, after that, it wasn’t awkward. We were still friends. He still text me, call and chat me. He’s not denying to everybodeh who were asking if I were a part of his past. HAHA :”D

This guy made me feel special. This guy will always be a part of the past. Thanks for the memories Azel and throwback  tho! 🙂 Cheers!


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