DexielGetsDramatic · DexielgetsSerious

The annoying 2048 Game.

What the fvck. i spent my entire four hours playing 2048. It was my first time after playing for months to reach the 2048 tile.. I continued playing and reached 8192. My friend, Brooklyn paid me a visit after an hour and we talk about things. You know coping up.. 🙂 

So yeah, she’s talking and Im listening while Im in the midst of a great battle for the 16384 tile when suddenly I tapped the fvckin RESTART button and thrn asdfghjkl. I shouted. I mean blood drained to my face. I was ,ad at ,yself. How could I be so fool to accidentally tap it. Good thing I never threw my phone. Hoo! But still I cant move on with the incident. It was my higj score and I soent time in it. I even played before making my project. Wth. Great -.-“


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