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bonding UNPLANNED.

This afternoon, we were dismissed at 3 PM. I thought Im gonna go home early but I was wrong. The MVTS Post (English Editorial Paper STaff) had our meeting. Then, I still have a band practice to tend to. 

I was so hungry, I wanna eat something. Then I never thought that Jhung & Lhaie would feel the same way I felt. Then, there. The idea went out. Rose wanted to go to Darljoy Cafe for us to have snacks but since it was closed, suggestions rushed in. Lhaie’2 said we should go to Bianos while Rose refused the offer because she wanted to have the snacks at La Pergola. But, I have no money. I only have a 50 peso bill with me. 

Kate decided that we should contribute and collect money. We funded the amount of 260 php. I thought the whole plan was just a joke and maybe we would dismiss the entire idea.. but after our band practice. Jhung, Rose and Khet waited for Lhaie’2 and me. They told us that we will be going to La Pergola.

OMG. OMG. ASDFGHJKL. It was fun. My brain explodedto the things I just discovered. Thanks Khet, HAHAHA 😛

So, I conclude that a date with your friends which where unplanned would turn out to be more exciting that a date all planned which would likely end up to a date postponed. mehihi 😀 😀

Thanks everybodeh for this day. Am so happpppy :*


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