2014. · DexielgetsSerious

Give and Take~

So, I finally bought a loom set last week and spent my free time making some loom bracelets. (Yes, that’s the reason why I was inactive the past few days) I made many loom bracelets not for myself but for my friends and classmates.

I know this sounds a bit dramatic but I aimed that before I graduate I should give everyone something that would remind them that it was from me. 😀 So, I started planning this the entire summer. Im currently saving for my friends’ gift XD I know it would cost me money but it’s not the price that counts right? It’s the value, the sacrifice.. the whole thought of it. 😀
I gave some of my classmates loom bracelets. Those classmates were the ones who would understand my entire fangirl-ing thing and the ones who listened to me during free time.

Anyways, this morning, Kate gave me an advance gift. ❤ She gave me a pair of earring which were sooooo cute. It was a lip-shaped earring. I really love. People kept on galncing at meh. They find my earrings really disturbing. It’s not my fault tho. haha :p 😀

So yeah, Im still saving for their gifts. 😀


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