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You and you alone. :)

Dear you-know-who,
This past few days, Im always thinking about you.
I always thought about how I used to wake up early in the morning just to catch the bus you usually ride and how I slowly walk just to stay and keep talking with you as we were heading to school. I missed those nights where we stay late and chat about something unimportant, casually exchanging mails with no particular topic. Do you remember the times when we multi-tasked? When we were using our phones for texting and calling while our computers for chatting? I missed that.
I miss those times where we meet at the canteen and you just like tap my shoulders and do something that would really piss me off. Worst part is, that never pissed me off. You just got me fallin’ mister.
I miss those times when you and your friends happened to noticed me at the hallway and they ended up teasing you. My friends would also do that when Im with them too.
I miss those times moments where you always comment on my status. Where are you now? 😦
I miss those times where we happen to go together and watch the Municipality’s program. We watched the fireworks display together, along with the ground. It was like romantic you know. You and your crush in one place. ❤
I miss those times where you always remind me to wake up early for we wil be attending the mass next morning. The times where you would call me at 3 AM just to be sure if Im already awake. You were so sweet and that made me really trap. And, remember when we were both late at the 5th morning of Aguinaldo Mass? I thought Im gonna spend the whole mass standing but you got three chairs and gave one to me. Thanks ❤
And to end this, remember when we went to church with your Mom? I dont know but I felt real butterflies on my stomach. Plus, we held hands. Weeeew ❤
Okay. Im blogging this because I just missed you. You and you alone. I missed you because I barely saw your name on my phone’s screen and in my Facebook news feed. I miss feeling the old feeling. I miss being inspired. Lol. 😀 I miss you so I hope you better beep me back. XD
I can still open your FB account. I hope you dont mind me checking it. XD 😀
The feelings gone my friends. It’s just that assfd,lfsdgsfg


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