2014. · DexielgetsSerious · Diary

A Crappy Creepy Story                   

Have you been really scared you almost peed in your pants? Have you been really really scared you can’t sleep at night? Have you really really really f*ckingly scared you always thought that THEY are always behind you?

               Some people don’t really believe in ghosts. They say they’re just some sort of imaginations. Well, I believe in ghosts and I know they exist.

#Incident Number One

               My first ghost experience was when I was in Grade One. I was a transferee student so Im always alone for the first three months. I was a shy girl back then, so I only have few friends. It was a sunny Wednesday morning that time and my classmates and I were left at our classroom because all the teachers attended the meeting. I remembered that it was after recess and a mean girl was really pissing me off and I cried. I cried the whole period in the comfort room. The comfort room was located inside our room so Im not really that worried if ever there’s a ghost.

               It was nearly lunch when I composed myself and decided to come out from the CR, my classmates don’t have any idea where I have been. I was eating my lunch that time when the CR’s door was making some sort of a sound. I was not scared because I thought somebody from the class opened the door and maybe he’s going to use the comfort room.

               A single knock sounded.

               I thought somebody’s lock from the inside so I replied the single knock with another knock.

               I got consecutive knocks as a reply but that time, the knocks came in a harsh way.

               Really curious of what’s happening and it’s giving me the creeps, I decided to peek out to the CR’s window. ( Some might say here that I’m invading one’s privacy if he’s using the CR but I think knocking the door for several times, I do think he’s in a serious trouble.)

               I peeked inside. I froze. I didn’t saw something. No one was inside the CR, not a single dog.

               I felt cold. I’ve never experienced that one. I know it was some sort of a ghost or a bad spirit. I heard that our school was a former cemetery. I felt shivers through my spine. The knocking continues but no one’s inside.

               For a split second, I think everyone in the room noticed… Some of my classmates came running to the CR’s door.  Those who were really afraid of the scenario just spoke a certain prayer while some cried. Our adviser wasn’t there. We were afraid we ran out of that creepy classroom.

               After that incident, I never get to eat lunch in our classroom for the rest of the school year.

PS. I really have a proof that our school was a former cemetery. It was during our science experiment in one of the deserted buildings of the school when I accidentally dropped my things. I picked it up but then something caught my eye. The ground has a marked on it. Not a sign of vandalism but “in memory of” written on it. After that, I ran and swore to myself not to go home really late.


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