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one fair day. ♡

Hi blog. This is to inform you that Im typing this update while I was on my way home. It’s already 6:36 PM but yeah Im still here. The tricycle driver’s still searching for passengers and it annoys me most because my urine’s poking my urinary bladder and idk where to pee.

Today’s been a tiring day. It’s our school’s Diamond anniversary and Im so frick-fracking tired. I was participative the whole day-guiding le students to behave & form their lines. You know?Officer on duty. I’ve been expose under yhe heat of the sun for several hours & it made me even blacker & uglier. Haha!

I was sooooo disppointed today. 😦

Garmabells didn’t show up and I was quite expecting him. Haha. Forget what I said. XD

Anyways highway, we dont have iyr classes tomorrow & on Wednesday BUT we will be having our exams on Thursday & Friday. Worst thing? I haven’t studied anything yet- not a single equation & formula. Here’s the deal, I WILL NEVER ENGAGE MYSELF WITH FACEBOOK AND ANY INTERNET RELATED SITES STARTING TOMORROW. I even planned to shut my phone off & hide ny gadgets and lock them. Haha. Too strict with nyself right? Haha. I deserve this. After all,Im gonna reward myself with something yummy to eat. MwahHaha >;)


Fastforward thinking, Im gonna read a book after this whole crappy exam and mind you bloggers, my birthday is fast approa hing. Yadaaaaa! Im turning 16. oh blimey I cant believe it! Hahaha


To conclude another useless blog, well I must say, Im still @ Gabunon and one brake with the motorcycle would really cause me to pee on my pants. Comfort room I neeeed.


Ps. I can smell a roasted fish in there. My tummy’s vibrating. Im so hungry. Achuchu


Pps. Two blog updates to satisfy myself. Besides it might take me some time to update again. Y’know WordPress been a shitty site. It would take much time to load and end up in the phase,”ERROR.PLEASE TRY RELOADING SITE.”

HAHAHA. ok been talking, I mean typing for a long time now.


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