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Exam is Over! Lesh Party. :)

( Supposed to be yesternight’s blog update)

               I am so tired. Tired because I studied four four days because of our periodical exam. You know, I should be thankful because we were given two free days for us to study but sorry I am not happy to have those 2 free days.

              I’ve got two days to study but that would mean 2 freaking days to avoid my phone, my laptop and anything Internet-related. I know it’s absurd to make rules for yourself but its more absurd if gonna set rules for myself and then later break it. What I did? I literally didn’t break any rules, erm, except for posting a selfie after I relieved the abdominal pain. 

            I know what you’re thinking. HAHAHA. Frankly speaking, I haven’t really studied that good and that serious. Well, the first day, I studied Math. I used the internet so I  could solutions for the correct answers of our summative test. And then, I started studying Values Education BUT I ended up sleeping at the living room with my saliva mark clearly visible at the pillow. hehe In the evening, I studied MAPEH and a bit of Advanced Physics. The second day, I studied Advance Chem &  Advanced Physics. Then tried solving Math without any glancing at the choices. 


Day One. Afternoon.

 — Afternoon was our schedule so it doesn’t matter if I would wake up early or not. Guess? Yes. I woke up at 10! 😀

Anyways, the first subject of our Periodical Exam was Values Education. If gonna rate it? Well, maybe its in the MIDDLE. Not that easy and not that difficult. 😉

Next up, Mathematics.



Well, well, even if I studied and reviewed Math it is still awful. Even though Im with my scientific calculator, I still think Im about to get low scores. It’s unfair Sir! The one you give in the summative test was different with what’s in the exam. I mean, the items where Im supposed to get the measure of an angle with three of its sides given (the one in the summative test) was changed to finding the measure of an angle with two sides given and one angle given. And I was stuck with the cosine & sine law, trying to derived a new formula but I failed. 😦

**We took a break then went to MAPEH who turned out to be sooooooo good except for item 29 which I really dont have any idea what to answer. AND it turned out that WATER was the answer on the last item on the Modified true or False. Yeah, whatever.

 — And the bloodiest of all the bloodiest, Advanced Chemitry and Advanced Physics–

Well, lemme summarize the 2 nerva-racking subjects:

 I tried solving Advanced Physics but I am not sure if my answers were all correct. I even aswered “point of gravity ” instead of “center of gravity” & acceleration instead of “motion”. >_<

When we got into the last part, Advanced Chem, I thought Im gonna start relaxing but then I tensed, cursed in my thoughts.




ADVANCED CHEMISTRY WAS SOOOO BLOODY DIFFICULT. We were only given reviewers but we were not told the correct answers. And, some of the reduction won’t just sink into my head and it was like my brain wanted a break so it stopped processing. I answered all but it would really mean a lot to me if let me say just get the passing score. JUST the passing score, not lower than that, it would really mean a lot. Because right at that moment, I realized, whatever grades I got for all those subjects, it’s my fault if I never took them seriously or I just lack some study habit & it’s my fault if I won’t be included in the top 10. 😦

— Day Two —

Well, I didn’t study last Thursday night and I never had the chance to study at Friday morning since my stomach ache was slowly killing me. I just ate my breakfast took some medicine then I slept. When I woke up, maybe that was 9:45, I started reading my reviewer in ICT & Arpan.

To summarize, arpan and all the other subject was not that arse compared to Advanced Chem and all major subjects in Day One BUT English was sooooo bitchy because we weren’t reviewed and all that came out in the exam were tooo difficult to guess even though there’s choices in it. The worrds are too difficult and I guess only Rose knew them (or Queen too) because you know, it’s like everything in the choices were having the same meaning with the underlined word. the heck!





It was funny how we ended up eating at Foodhaus when we so long-planned to  eat at Darljoy’s Cafe. You know, we went there. As in, I started filling up our orders while the group was standing, waiting for some vacant seats. Then it all happened in a flash, there was a commotion, and I just saw myself running, leaving the pen & the menu. We ran because we decided to eat at the other place. Somewhere more vacant. (Foodhaus)

While we were walking, we couldn’t stop laughing of how stupid we were. 😀 😀 ❤

Anyways, I have to end this blog update because Im gonna start typing for another update. 😉 HAHAHA 🙂 Take care and hell week’s finally overrrr!


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