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Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. 

Im literally typing this entry today (July 6,2014). Well, Imm not that exited you know. This is just a way of relieving my stress? Totally stressed @ everything — studies, friend & lovelife. ButI sure wont talk about it this time.

16 years– 504,576,000 seconds here in this planet. I experienced real pain, loss. This year, I lost my grandma, I thought I wont survive the pain.. but here I am still alive and kicking.. 🙂 This year, I had the opportunity to go to Manila and compete for a national contest, 😀 Twa’s a big achievement. This year, just like any other year, I fell inlove but it was never easy. I was hurt, I felt like I was being betrayed and I felt like .. let’s just say, unimportant. <//3

Going back, this year, I met new friends 🙂 I learned lessons which greatly made me stronger today.

I learned how to be responsible, to stand alone, to defend myself when Im the right position and I learned that loving yourself first is the most important thing.


To myself, who is currently reading this, Hiiii! Im writing this for ya. :* Let us see and compare what ur feeling right now and what Im feeling months ago (which is literally now)

Hey isn’t this awesome? Im writing a letter for myself. It’ like Im time travelling or shadow travelling and whatnot. 🙂 Kyataaaah.

Seriously speaking, Hi to myself who is probably laughing or crying right now. I know this is insane but yeah.

Dex, you’ve been through a lot. I know you’re stressed and hurt but endure the pain a little longer until it hurts no more. 🙂 Kayang-kaya mo yan. 🙂

More consequences are yet to come. More brutal. XD This is your last phase in high school. Dont mind those witches out there. Just be yourself. Dont mind their judgements if you knew you’re on the right phase.

Prioritize your studies first. You’ve been hurting a lot na so I guess that serves as a proof na you should stop minding those love games. Your time will come. He’s out there. You just need to wait.

Im currently forcing my tears to get back to where they came from, right now. I mean, today was just soooooooo tiring. Im tired with everything. Im too disappointed to this woman. 🙂

Dex, goodluck in your college life and I do hope you’ll reach your goals in life. AJA!





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