Sudden Depression

So this is it. My grade in Mathematics is really depressing. It was really a punch in the face because you know I only got 52 out of 80 in the Quizzes and 63 something out of 90 items  in the assignment. In additional, I only got 33 out of 40 in the periodical exam which Im supposed to be 38 but Im so stupid and Im so careless my sin,sec,cos,csc,cot got interchanged. The worst part is they told me 38 was the perfect score so double sadness. ;(

I am sp depressed I really dont know what to do. The extra-curricular activities are also bringing me down. I mean am I that too competitive? no am not because if I am, Im supposed to burn my midmught candle every night. Well, i am  not Rose nor Queen, those girls are just smartypants and I know they can really balance their studies well and well they’re really good @ nearly everything. I dont know what to do. I mean I did my best this grading but part of me really tells I lacked study habit and I lack determination. I often found myself not caring anymore. I did what I could do but I think if I studied even better then I think I deserve a better grade result. Well Dex, 1st grading is over abd today is the start of something new. I know I might break this thing again but lemme try to be serious in this stuff. Let us say for myself and for my parents who really are proud of me. My mother’s quite expectant of me being in the tip ten but I cant assure her this grading. Im sorry. Where have I been? Computing their standings with mine, it is like comparing a light object with a lighter one. I am the one who’s going to sink. ;(


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