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                          Taking a college administration test especially if it was a test conducted by a big university is way too scary. Real talk? Im not really into UP. Yes,the University of the Philippines offers great educational training and provide you with opportunities when you graduate,but our economic status made me confused. What if I ever had the chance on studying in the main campus? BUT what if my parents cant afford it? Im not underestimating my parents here. I am just being practical. You see, we owned an agricultural land and a store plus my father’s working at the bank but that alone cant support us. My mother needs to borrow money just to give us our weekly allowance and other expenses. So what in college? I never dreamed of UP,really. Aside from the fact that it’s miles away from our home and it costs a lot if fortune for my family to see me, I also dont want to live in Manila. I’ve been there and I think I have the right to criticize the place. It’s polluted and there’s always traffic and roberries. I also cany deny the fact that socializing other people scares me to death.

                        Back to the test, well, it was so difficult. Almost everything I reviewed never got out of the exam. I slept at 11 together with my classmates the night before the exam. And mind you, we stayed at our teacher’s place since the testing center is far away from town. –Fast forward: exam proper– So many familiar faces ey? Anyone I set my eyes at ate very familiar. I met them at Facebook or to any division and regional contests. It took one hour for the proctors to gave us instructions: simple directions on fillig the boxes of the examiner’s information and proper shading. We then started answering. English,Science,Mathematics & reading comprehension took us almost six hours in answering.

                        Goodluck to the examination results fellow UPCAT-takers. God bless us all. ;))


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