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Being a Bookworm over being a Senior student

Our Intramural meet this year was the worse than I could ever imagine. I thought, my last year was gonna be fun but then the Intramurals ended with me doing nothing except reading and sleeping at our classroom. ;(

Anyway, I lied. I did enjoy a bit. I had fun witnezsing the different cheerdances of each curriculum year. And I am rely proud of how the Grade Seven stueents beat the Seniors’s asses off them.

On the later part, I stayed at our room  and slept. Then I just woke up discovering that our school wsas flooded and everyone around me were panicking.

I then got to my feet and immediately left the room. When I reached the gate, the water started rising and I had no choice but to walk on the muddy water just to reach the highway.

Ugh. The next day, I didn’t go to school since I already predicted that it would be a waste of time.the rain’s pouring hard too so I decided to stay at home and read Gayle Forman’s If I Stay and the sequel which is Where She Went.

The book was pretty amazing tho. I was kinda dramtic when I read the first book since it talks about Mia’s family an how she loss them in just a blink of an eye, in a car accident.

I wanna blabber more about the book but I will just recommend you to read it. It’s really amazing and worth the time.:))


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