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The Response <3


I think it’s a bit ironic how you stated that you don’t want to be dramatic in your message but I ended up crying ( a bit ) in our living room last Friday night.

Anyways, WHY DID YOU READ MY MESSAGE IN YOUR CHEM NOTEBOOK? YOU SHOULD’VE READ IT THIS MARCH PA!! You know it entertains me watching you cry because of my message. HAHAHA, Im just kidding tho.

Sorry Mers for everything that I’ve done that caused you pain. Sorry for I sometimes point out your imperfections. I know they were meant to be a joke but let’s not deny the fact that you’re also hurt when we annoy you with the aesthetic and the duck thing. Im also sorry for the BLOG WAR! XD The worst misunderstanding we’d overcome so far.I know it was just a friendship test and kudos to us because we’re still friends and fortunately we overcome it. Sorry if you ever felt that you’re alone and Im sorry for not being there to disagree with that fact.Sorry for the misunderstandings and childish fights . There are still many things I need to point out here but gaaaaahd,DAGHAN KAAYO KO UG SALA NIMO MIRS.

Mirs, don’t you ever dare to change. Oh wait. change for the better but don’t change everything that made you as Merrah. Im gonna punch you in your face if you would be snobbish to me if we ever meet again. I hope you would earn more confidence to be proud of yourself and to socialize with others. Always put inyour mind that we are still young to focus on the negative things in life. YOLO. You only live once. So, heads up and try to gain friends with and enjoy life.

Remember when I told you to break the rules? HAHA. I honestly don’t know what Im talking about that time but now I’ve realized what I said. Break the rules. Step out of the border which you set within yourself. Study hard in college but don’t force yourself too much. Take a break and go somewhere. You may or may not fall in love BUT you should have an inspiration (family & friends are enough). Don’t assume and expect the unexpected.

I don’t know if after highschool we gonna see each other every month. I might not see you for a long time but please don’t forget me,ok? Im surely gonna miss the moments we shared. Im gonna miss the fangirling, the book reviews, the defending-your-fandom-thing, the opinions we exchange when we read the same book, the “love-thing” we felt between the fictional characters, and the secret code names only the two of us knew (Jadis). Im gonna miss the long talks we shared in the girl’s CR while im sitting the counter or just simply checking myself in the mirror.

Thank you for being a god audience to my highschool drama. Thanks for hearing me out -from my family problems down to school problems.Thanks for believing in me when no one does and thanks for hearing my PARNESS.

Have a good life Merrah and always remember that you have a pretty friend whose birthday is before yours.


Dexiel ❤ ❤

(Please dont reply,I might cry. Your post was enough to make me sob under my pillow three days ago.HAHA :X)


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