2015. · DexielGetsDramatic · DexielgetsSerious

Hello 2015!


2014 has been a roller coaster of sadness and happiness. I lost 2 great and important person this year and I still missed them as to this very date. On the other hand, I was given quite a chance to meet new faces, experience new things and overcome obstacles. I learned a lot. I was hurt but still Im not what I am today if it’s not because of that. 😀

2014. New love, who turned out to be another epic fail again. New experiences; first plane rides, long phone calls with friends, new friends from far places, long trips, new opportunities, went to some historical landmarks, ice skating, jet skiing, family bondings, the SIP, whole class bonding after exam, the admirer thing after the exam, the SSG projects, the journalism stuff which took me to Subic <3. On the contrary, I went down to the 5th place from 3rd, always problematic about our SIP and my event in journalism, my failing grade in Math (almost a failing grade, I mean), the sudden loss of 2 loved ones, my family almost split up.. those were the challenges I quite faced last year.

This year, Im looking forward for new friendly faces and new books to read. Im also looking forward for college which really scares me a lot since it’s 3 months to go! 😀 May God bless me and my family and may he continue guiding me. I would also like to say thank you to my family and friends who’s always been there to guide me and get through every problems. Thanks for adding ze colors to my life. iloveyou too bits friends, I know we’ve been through a lot.

And to the people I’m about to meet this year, well, I can’t wait to finally see you. :* Happy New year everyone and may this year be better as we all wished. 🙂 May the odds be ever in our favor :))


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