Straight from the heart.

I hate people who only comes to me when they’re bored and they want a person the could talk to.

I hate that. Because it makes me feel that Im an option. Like an old toystanding there and waiting for a child to play it after he enjoys his new set of toys. I was like an option to you, you know that? It’s like you could go back to me after a long day and me, on the other hand, as foolish as everyone thinks, would still smile and accept you.

Im just your friend. The girl who would listen to your dramas and blabberings. The one who could comfort you and cheers you when she’s not there. But ok, I get it. Im always the friend never been the girl.

Tell me that I’m mean and rude but cant you feel that Im distancing my self from you? Im trying to avoid you because we had this past thing and I dont know but lighting might strike the same spot again. You were my former suitor or I guess you acted to be one of my suitors? I dont know if you ever felt “love” that’s why you courted me last time but I thing you only did it so you can move on with your ex girlfriend ( your current gf now in 2015). did you know that I regret not saying yes? But Im also a fool for believing those things were true.

Then I became your bestfriend. But let’s skip the details about that thing. Then our friendship faced quite a challenge and we never overcome it so we were back to being strangers again. X(

*fast forward to current day**

Fortunately, we started being friends again. You, back with your former girlfriend and me? well, loveless. HAHA

anyways,  I hate the fact that you would act like you care. You would sing to me untilI fall asleep and talk to me for hours. Let’s stop this ok? You’re existence hunts me for not giving you the chance and now, you acting very differently towards me would make me feel special and I might fall for you and as always, you would never able to catch me again.. because you’re already with her.

I don’t want to intrude or destroy your relationship with her. You two are quite a good couple. The pair Im dreaming to have soon. And I dont want to steal you from her because I know what’s the feeling when your love got stolen by someone. It hurts like hell.</3

So maybe,let’s just leave this to the Fates. If you two wont really be each other, the Fates might give us the chance and try us. Maybe,soon. Maybe we will meet again when our schedules are less hectic and Im not as mean and childish as ever. soon, miloves. ;))


your former bestfriend who loves you from the very start


2 thoughts on “Straight from the heart.

    1. Hello! 2015 had been a whirlwind of happiness and sadness but Im much grateful it made me who I am today. (Sorry for late replying tho, I just got back my blog) 2016 is near to an end, hope your fine. God bless.

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