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University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT)


I can still remember that day when I decided to apply for the college entrance exam just for an experience and without thinking that I would be able to pass it. I just wanna try since the exam was free of charge. I didn’t even review because I know to myself that time that I won’t pass it.

The day of the exam was a blast. There were hundreds of UP-student aspirants who crowded the entire SMC. The test was quite difficult too. I can still remember the time when I was just having a mini-picnic while my seatmates diligently solved the math questions.

And then, here goes the results. Ruining my Monday evening since I spent nearly 2 hours searching for my name plus the slow internet is such a hassle. I PASSED UP! I PASSED UP & my life change. Just that very moment, I think all my plans for college changed. I planned on going to IIT but then opportunity only knocks once and suddenly 75% of me says to get the opportunity and study to Ilo-ilo. It isn’t a selfish thinking right? I wanna study to Ilo-ilo since the course I passed is also related to my dream course?

God knows what but I think I just made a decision but still Im waiting for the other college entrance tests. :))



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