Devil’s Temptation

We all want to get a perfect score in a test. or to get good grades especially in Math ( Calculus ).

It was February 12 this year when we had our surprise quiz in Calculus and what the hell it was only 5 items, 2 points each.

I know the three items, of course I studied but the other two? Well I say, let’s leave it up to faith.

I answered the quiz which really made me nervous because of my answers.

My classmates especially at the back were so annoying because our teacher instructed us not to ask questions to our seatmates. But then I was kinda annoyed and jealous to the back-seaters since I can hear their whispers like โ€œhow did you get number 1?โ€ โ€œIs your answer like this?โ€.

Tsss. I was kinda pissed but well life is so not fair.

After 45 minutes, we checked our answers. You know what I my expected score is? Three.

I was so depressed that time because having three as a score is a total failure. I should have gotten 6 but I was too careless I put X into something there shouldnโ€™t be an X. When the papers were returned to the owner, I was quite surprised I got 7!! But then I double checked the answers, and I know I supposed to have 4 as the score because the person who checked my work put a check mark on my mistakes.

I was tempted to just stay quiet and just sit there and pretend nothing was wrong and wait for the teacher to ask me my score. But then, the good Dexiel told me to punch back and say to the checker that Iโ€™m only 4. Then my seatmate was pretty amazed because I risked doing that and he was so awed on my honesty. So, he checked my paper again and told me that I got 5 because I happen to answer number 5 which I never thought I got the correct solution.

Not a bad one then. But well, lesson learned. Check your work, donโ€™t be careless and stay honest J


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