January x Aklan Escapade

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“Life was made for good friends and great adventure.”♥

It was January 15 in the afternoon, and the dorm was still so boring because some of the dormers were gone and everyone was so busy with the enrollment period. I just woke up from a three-hour sleep since Christine, Tyra and I had our How to Get Away With Murder Marathon up to 4 in the morning. It was supposed to be a boring, ordinary day at the dorm when suddenly Dale asked me to go Aklan with her.

I declined her of course because: first, I don’t have money; second, it’s only the two of us. She then asked Tee and Cath to accompany her. She went back to the room and told me the two agreed. Well, it’s my opportunity to have an adventure and fun so I decided to join them.

The next thing we did was a blur: packed things, told Christine to go with us and the next thing we knew, we’re on a taxi bound for Mohon Terminal for Aklan.

It’s a funny moment every time I think about it. How we thought of that idea on travelling to a far place without thinking twice.

We arrived at Kalibo at ten o’clock in the evening and ate dinner. The place was civilized, I even thought it’s  a city with establishments and restaurants. After dinner, we then head to New Washington, Aklan which is 15 minutes far away from Kalibo. The place was grandeur just as how it sounds. It was like a small island, surrounded by sea and the place was really peaceful.

What shocks me next is the place where we were staying. I was just expecting an ordinary house but Gods! it was  a mansion. One of the biggest house on that place owned by Dale’s uncle. She said it was a family vacation house. The place was really large.

On the inside, it was like a touch of antique and modern style, the chandelier was grand and the stairs, ohmygod the stairs was lovely like those on the ancient times were the lady slowly walked from the second floor as her suitor looks up at her and stare at her beauty. But it was creepy because at the end on the stairs is a big portrait of the owners’ ancestors which I really find kinda creepy.

Moving on, in the morning we had a quick swim at the back part of the house. The seabreeze is just so relaxing and the sunrise, well, it was perfect view – reminder that God gave us another opportunity to live for another day.

After swimming, we ate breakfast then head to Kalino for Ati-Atihan.

Holy Gracious! The place was really crowded. Well it’s no doubt because Ati-Atihan is one of the famous festivals in the country including Sinulog. It was so tiring walking along the streets but it’s fun too seeing how joyous and festive the people are. Children are dancing under the basking heat of the sun, and even the older people joined the celebration.

In the afternoon, after we ate our free lunch at Kenneth’s house, we strolled along the streets wherein people sell cheap things- clothes, watch, you name it and they have it. After that we then joined the “sadsad” with the other iskos and iskas of UPV and other college students too. It was so fun dancing on the streets, carefree of the world, stressfree from acads.

Evening came and we decided to stop by at Sampaguita Gardens. The place was nice, children at hearts will probably enjoy it.


Inside that green house, are a collection of cute dolls which comes from different sizes. Aside from there are also Christmas collections.

It was pretty late when we visited the place and they were about to close so we just decided to sit at the bench and talk about stuff: college,life and love.

Aftet a while, we just went home.And the following day, returned at Iloilo.

I just want to express how happy I am that I had the chance to visit and explore new place with friends. And how amazing my mom is for allowing me. It was my first roadtrip with friends though, and I hope there’s more to come. 😀 Well, who knows? Maybe next time we will have another unplanned escapade. Hahaha 😀


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