Think and Reflect.

I sometimes think of myself. I was so selfish. Look at this child, trying to do all the things he can just to earn for a living. Look at me. I’m just probably didn’t work anything just to eat meals three times a day. I didn’t get to crawl my way just to buy what I want, I had a good education. I have parents. They’re there to guide me.
Indeed, I am so lucky to have my family. I feel awful to myself because sometimes even though it’s not really a necessity, I cried over things so that my parents will buy it. Without even realizing that they worked for it. Without realizing their effort in gaining money and us, wasting it. Without realizing that there are things far more important. I was selfish. But I’m trying to change. There are rooms for improvements right? I’m trying not to be a brat, Im trying to save money, Im trying to help.
But for now, I hope someone from the higher office might see this video and take action about this child. Can we give him a wheelchair? I think he really needs it. 🙂



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