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Jane’s Debut & Ati-Atihan 2017

One thing that made me excited about 2017 is because of debuts.Well, two of my friends are having their parties this month. ❤ Looking for a dress that suited for their parties gave me a hard time but it was all worth it when the main event gave us many memories to remember.

(Me with the debutant,Jane😊) I was choosen to be part of the 18 candles.

The venue of the debut was at Aroma Beach,Batad,Aklan. The place was so serene but during the event we didn’t get to enjoy the beach because it was raining real hard in the evening. (The waves were so strong I was very afraid there might be storm surge.)

In the morning (Jan 15), before we depart from the venue.. we had a little luxury to stroll the beach. (Too bad I didn’t have time to swim and it’s really cold,haha 😂)

*Ati-Atihan 2017*

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the annual Sinulog-counterpart in Aklan? Celebrating Ati-Atihan has been a goal for me every year (started it last 2016).The streets of  Kalibo,Aklan is once again paraded with Atis and people are on a festive mood.🎉

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