BA 183.1

Technology and Me

When we wake up, we immediately check our phones for messages; before we eat, we take pictures of the food and post it to Instagram; and when we are with our friends, we take “selfies” and upload it. Technology is a luxury nowadays, all thanks to the brilliant minds of people like Charles Babbage and Alan Turing who invented computers and contributed to this great milestone.

Our generation is the luckiest being on Earth! Why? It is because when our Professors ask us to make a two-page essay about bacteria, we just go to a nearby computer shop and search for the topic on Google. After that, millions of results are piled in front of us, we just need to read it and make the essay on Microsoft Word. Unlike before, where everyone needs to go to the library and search for that topic and use a typewriter which takes a lot of time.

Computers are indeed a friend because they helped me connect with the people that I love who are far from where I am. They became a portal to connect with my family and friends in Mindanao. I can now also enjoy the perks of paperless transactions through online services and emails. Moreover, it also help me enjoy my free time through games, movies, music and E-books.


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