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Walking away from Friendzone

Admit it.

We’ve been Carson once in our life. We’ve been that girl-bestfriend who secretly loved Dio, her boy bestfriend.


The moment you set your eyes on him, you know something magically happened. It was like your heart started beating irregularly again, and the butterflies, which you thought were long dead, were once again present in your belly.

You had a crush on him- long before the two of you started talking in person.

Sleepless nights were spend thinking on how you would talk together about the recent GoT episode or just plainly stalking his un-stalkable (no informate gathered) twitter account.😂

Now that the stars had finally aligned and the odds were in your favor, your crush is now your friend.

FRIEND. You started talking about the Game of Thrones episode, you talk “things” only the two of you can understand, you started chatting late at night, you started eating meals together.. and the list goes on. So basically, you guys were like “BFFs” except for the fact that 1. He’s not gay 2. He’s 100% straight.

So even if you’re in denial that all the things the two of you shared were just NOTHING to you.. let me tell you something: NEVER ASSUME.

Never assume that the feelings you had for him will be reciprocated. Never assume that because he treats you better among your other classmates you’re special. Never assume that even if he tells you that you are special he loves you. Never assume that if he tells you he likes you he means it…romantically. Never assume that the two of you could happen. Because srsly? In the end, you are just going to be a mess of yourself. #selfdestroy💣🔫

The moment you started thinking deeply, you realize things. You realize that the guy you saw first day of school was not the guy you envisioned him to be.

He was not the guy you thought was sociable. He was the opposite– the introvert, shy guy. But once you overcame that phase.. yes, he was the guy you could talk about anything anytime. He’s good at conversations, he’s gentle, he’s caring, he’s funny. But he also got a real deal of imperfections I wish not to expose.

The problem with secretly loving your bestfriend is that it’s either you will love him more or love him less. And you realized that as time goes by, the feelings you had for him was gone. Not because he’s imperfect but because you learn to accept things.

Acceptance– once you find it, you will be eternally grateful. Once you accept that investing feelings to someone who can’t return it to you won’t do anything good, you will be happy yourself. It was a breathe of fresh air after a long day’s work. Acceptance. The moment you accept that you are “just the girl-bestfriend  not the girlfriend” is the moment you finally set yourself free– free from the constraints of self-doubt and questioning your self-worth. Free from asking “what’s wrong with me?” just because he was not attracted you.

Sometimes, you have to let go. Holding on to something hopeless is so clichè. There’s a world out there and you should see so don’t make him your world. Don’t asa.

Besides, the advantage of being the bestfriend is that while relationships break, friendship remains. Maybe he chose to be that way because you are worth keeping than relationshits.




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Everyone’s having their vacation already but since there was a shift in UP’s academic calendar, we have no choice but to endure hot noons in the classroom and not on the beach. And the next thing we know, our vacation will be on June – rainy season. Hahaha

But thanks God we were given a pseudo-sembreak, a time where academics are on pause and we were finally given a time to binge-watch movies, unwind, and go home to our respective provinces where we can spend the Lenten Season with our family.

Unfortunately, our home is miles away and booking a flight is not much of a choice since it’s very expensive.. so I don’t have a choice but to stay at the dorm. With the other Mindanao-based dormers. ❤

Wednesday Night

We had a movie marathon at the dining area – mattresses were spread and free food and drinks were given. Plus we get to enjoy horror movies until 4AM. Hurrah ❤


The whole spirit of the holiday was to reflect so we decided to go to Balaan Bukid, Guimaras where a big cross was located on the mountaintop.

Guide: For Php 15 pesos we rode a boat from Iloilo-Jordan Wharf. For Php 10 you can get to Balaan Bukid riding a tricycle. See? For less than a hundred, you get to reflect and enjoy.

The walk was very far but you don’t need to worry since a lot of the residents sell food and souvenirs from station 1 to the church. 🙂


After 45 minutes hiking, we were already on top. And guess what, the view was so picturesque.. and mesmerizing.

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Looks like a secret lagoon. Something.
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Iloilo City from afar.



And who wouldn’t resist for instagrammable pictures when you’re already here? Brace yourselves to more Dexieeeel.

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Will definitely go back here, when I have time.


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World War III: Web Browser Wars

What were man’s greatest discovery and invention? Was it when he discovered the use of fire, or when he was able to communicate people from afar by the use of telephone? Or when he invented a thing called the computer?

The emergence and development of the age of the Internet– a revolution which changed and continues to change the way our world “works, plays, communicates, shops and even falls in love” (John Heilemann)

Like any success, everything has a story. Behind the things we have today on the internet, there was a story about David and Goliath (modern version).

Image source:

It was 1993 when a group of nerds coded a software called Mosaic, Mosaic was a gift to humanity which enables the ordinary people to use the Internet other than the geeks and scientists. This software shows a lot of potential in dominating the market but they don’t have the resources (eg. money). This is when Jim Clark came into action and invested a lot of money for Netscape Communications Corporation. By 1995, Netscape’s Navigator was the popular choice of browser in the marketplace.

Sensing how David (Netscape) climbed its way up and dominated all the platforms, there usage share increased, but that success threatened Bill Gates’ Microsoft.This is when Microsoft created the Internet Explorer 1.0, a pity moment for Andreessen, Clark, and the engineers because Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 1.0 to the public. This is a huge U-turn to the competition where the “giant” gets up and reclaim the throne. (It’s difficult to compete against the monopoly giant considering Netscape’s limited resources.) Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) lagged Netscape’s Navigator for their browser was bundled to their Windows Operating System.


By 1998, Netscape lost the battle of browser wars. Microsoft won for their pricing strategy and Netscape was left with no remaining serious competition to its market share.

Today, Internet Explorer’s market share has been eroded by other competitors who are much equipped to match the “giant”. The emergence of new browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari took place.


This 45-minute minute video is an eye-opener to everyone of us – that despite the success of the web business today, we faced a lot of challenges including competitors. We learned also how to cope up with competition  and be resilient and flexible when the situation arises.


BA 183.1

Technology and Me

When we wake up, we immediately check our phones for messages; before we eat, we take pictures of the food and post it to Instagram; and when we are with our friends, we take “selfies” and upload it. Technology is a luxury nowadays, all thanks to the brilliant minds of people like Charles Babbage and Alan Turing who invented computers and contributed to this great milestone.

Our generation is the luckiest being on Earth! Why? It is because when our Professors ask us to make a two-page essay about bacteria, we just go to a nearby computer shop and search for the topic on Google. After that, millions of results are piled in front of us, we just need to read it and make the essay on Microsoft Word. Unlike before, where everyone needs to go to the library and search for that topic and use a typewriter which takes a lot of time.

Computers are indeed a friend because they helped me connect with the people that I love who are far from where I am. They became a portal to connect with my family and friends in Mindanao. I can now also enjoy the perks of paperless transactions through online services and emails. Moreover, it also help me enjoy my free time through games, movies, music and E-books.

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Jane’s Debut & Ati-Atihan 2017

One thing that made me excited about 2017 is because of debuts.Well, two of my friends are having their parties this month. ❤ Looking for a dress that suited for their parties gave me a hard time but it was all worth it when the main event gave us many memories to remember.

(Me with the debutant,Jane😊) I was choosen to be part of the 18 candles.

The venue of the debut was at Aroma Beach,Batad,Aklan. The place was so serene but during the event we didn’t get to enjoy the beach because it was raining real hard in the evening. (The waves were so strong I was very afraid there might be storm surge.)

In the morning (Jan 15), before we depart from the venue.. we had a little luxury to stroll the beach. (Too bad I didn’t have time to swim and it’s really cold,haha 😂)

*Ati-Atihan 2017*

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the annual Sinulog-counterpart in Aklan? Celebrating Ati-Atihan has been a goal for me every year (started it last 2016).The streets of  Kalibo,Aklan is once again paraded with Atis and people are on a festive mood.🎉

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