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Jane’s Debut & Ati-Atihan 2017

One thing that made me excited about 2017 is because of debuts.Well, two of my friends are having their parties this month. ❤ Looking for a dress that suited for their parties gave me a hard time but it was all worth it when the main event gave us many memories to remember.

(Me with the debutant,Jane😊) I was choosen to be part of the 18 candles.

The venue of the debut was at Aroma Beach,Batad,Aklan. The place was so serene but during the event we didn’t get to enjoy the beach because it was raining real hard in the evening. (The waves were so strong I was very afraid there might be storm surge.)

In the morning (Jan 15), before we depart from the venue.. we had a little luxury to stroll the beach. (Too bad I didn’t have time to swim and it’s really cold,haha 😂)

*Ati-Atihan 2017*

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the annual Sinulog-counterpart in Aklan? Celebrating Ati-Atihan has been a goal for me every year (started it last 2016).The streets of  Kalibo,Aklan is once again paraded with Atis and people are on a festive mood.🎉

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The previous year has been one hell of a ride. I learned a lot of lessons not just inside the four corners of the classroom.

I learned to value friendship more and to gave importance to my family (because no matter what happens they’re always here for me). I became someone I never expected to be me a year ago. Someone who’s more responsible and sensitive to the people around her. Someone who’s dauntless and strong and independent but still fragile. Someone who knew how to take risks not just in jumping high cliffs but also in love. 💖

This 2017, I hope the best are yet to come. I just hope that God would guide me to this journey.

To more life lessons and spontaneous trips. Cheers!🎉🍻🍻

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December to Remember 2014

The most unforgettable thing that happened to me last December was when we went to Cagayan de Oro City for a small vacation I must say? Well, the tri was unplanned. Im not suppose to be there because as we agreed, my mom should be the one to go and she’ll just bring home some new books for me. But the plan messed up when she called me after our Christmas party, telling me to cme home early for a trip. She told me that she’s too tired to travel and she’s givng me the chance to travel & go to CDO again so I grabbed the chance.

Travelling at night is so good. I can feel the damp coldness of air which touches my face, and it’s a less hassle because passengers are not that many and you could really use as many passenger seats in the bus. But.. the problem about travelling is you can’t help to feel boredom and exhaustion.

So, anyway highway, the christmas vacation was worthwhile. I did faced my fear in drowning.

We went beach outing with my cousins on our 3rd day stay which we.rode the jet ski and banana boat. The banana boat was quite fun but it’s really scary esespecially when the waves are not in the mood and Poseidon was not much of a help. The jet ski, on the other hand, was sooooooo exciting and fun! The machine was just like a motorcycle except in only runs in the sea. So the waves are on mood and was like saying, “hey play with me”, so we eent riding the jet ski. The ride was really awesome, you look like those actors riding a superfast machine. We were going really far from the shore I can hardly picture my cousns waving at us. Then bavoom! The wave outmatched the jet ski, causing it to fall backward and made me drink saltwater together with my cousin. Good thing there’s this life jacket the incharge gave me earlier becaise withoit it, God knows Im probably dead by now. We fell at the arther point of the sea, I mean it’s too deep I can’t reach the bottom.

I was about to drop and just allow the waves carry me. Then the rescuers, what do you call them, came with another jet ski assisting me. Then he started the engine and drove really hard the waves outsmarted us again. I fell in the seabed again. I know, I drunk too much saltwater. And you know what’s the annoying thing? The rescuers took quite a time to bring me back ashore. Thank the Gods Im safe, I told myself. But at the end of the day , I was still happy because I got to experience that hilarious yet unforgettable moment.

Ps. A moment of silence to my cousin’s money for the rent of the banana boat wherein we decided not to use it and just leave the resort. Tss. No refunds, RIP MONEY.

PPS. Got the last book of Heroes of Olympus during my stay in CDO. All thanks to my mighty cousin who gave it.