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December to Remember 2014❤❤

The most unforgettable thing that happened to me last December was when we went to Cagayan de Oro City for a small vacation I must say? Well, the trip was unplanned. Im not suppose to be there because as we agreed, my mom should be the one to go and she’ll kjust bring home some new books for me. But the pla messed up when she called me after our Christmas party, telling me to cme home early for a trip. She told me that she’s too tired to travel and she’s givng me the chance to travel & go to CDO again so I grabbed the chance.

Travelling at night is so good. I can feel the damp coldness of air which touches my face, and it’s a less hassle because passengers are not that many and you could really use as manypassenger seat in the bus. But.. the problem about travelling is you can’t help to feel boredom and exhaustion.

So, anyway highway, the christmas vacation was worthwhile. I did faced my fear in drowning.

We went beach outing with my cousins on our 3rd day stay which we.rode the jet ski and banana boat. The banana boat was quite fun but it’s really scary esespecially when the waves are not in the mood and Poseidon was not much of a help. The jet ski, on the other hand, was sooooooo exciting and fun! The machine was just like a motorcycle except in only runs in the sea. So the waves are on mood and was like saying, “hey play with me”, so we eent riding the jet ski. The ride was really awesome, you look like those actors riding a superfast machine. We were going really far from the shore I can hardly picture my cousns waving at us. Then bavoom! The wave outmatched the jet ski, causing it to fall backward and made me drink saltwater together with my cousin. Good thing there’s this life jacket the incharge gave me earlier becaise withoit it, God knows Im probably dead by now. We fell at the arther point of the sea, I mean it’s too deep I can’t reach the bottom.

I was about to drop and just allow the waves carry me. Then the rescuers, what do you call them, came with another jet ski assisting me. Then he started the engine and drove really hard the waves outsmarted us again. I fell in the seabed again. I know, I drunk too much saltwater. And you know what’s the annoying thing? The rescuers took quite a time to bring me back ashore. Thank the Gods Im safe, I told myself. But at the end of the day , I was still happy because I got to experience that hilarious yet unforgettable moment.

Ps. A moment of silence to my cousin’s money for the rent of the banana boat wherein we decided not to use it and just leave the resort. Tss. No refunds, RIP MONEY. 😢😢

PPS. Got the last book of Heroes of Olympus during my stay in CDO. All thanks to my mighty cousin who gave it. 😘😘

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16th Birthday (Sweet Sixteen♡♡)

               No words can ever describe how happy I am. I mean I wasn’t quite expecting to be this happy but I felt so special today.
               My friends visited me here in our house and their presence was a gift. I owe them a lot since I know it needs a lot of reasoning just to come here. I cant fully expressed my gratitude to those who efforted on making me a video and photo greetings. My friends especially Esesjeh made noise at exactly twelve midnight in Facebook. Some of my former classnates slash close friends also greeted me in advance and some at exactly twelve midnight.
             I cant stop thinking how lucky I am indeed! All these years, my former classmates still remembered my birthday including those who lived outside the country.
               Friends from other school gave me presents. They even bought me a cake! Womp womp. And an eiffel tower top.
It would take me forever to narrate what happened today but I wont surely forget everything happened today–the greetings,my love ones’ presence, the swimming pool escapade and many more.
               To conclude this, I would like to thank you Lord for everything. Without you, I won’t be here. Thank you for waking me up each day and for giving me auppprtive parents and friends. Thank you for helping me overcome life’s great challenges. I maybe lose my Grandma this year but I know that she’s out there hiding behind the heaven’s clouds.
I also thank you oh Lord for givibg me the opportunity in making up to the National Schools Press Conference. Thanks for giving me new friends and I hope that dozens of them are coming. Mehihi
At fifteen, I experienced great pain and a lot of misery and loneliness but still happiness and love dominated them.
Cheers for my sixteen years of existence and counting. ♡

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Exam is Over! Lesh Party. :)

( Supposed to be yesternight’s blog update)

               I am so tired. Tired because I studied four four days because of our periodical exam. You know, I should be thankful because we were given two free days for us to study but sorry I am not happy to have those 2 free days.

              I’ve got two days to study but that would mean 2 freaking days to avoid my phone, my laptop and anything Internet-related. I know it’s absurd to make rules for yourself but its more absurd if gonna set rules for myself and then later break it. What I did? I literally didn’t break any rules, erm, except for posting a selfie after I relieved the abdominal pain. 

            I know what you’re thinking. HAHAHA. Frankly speaking, I haven’t really studied that good and that serious. Well, the first day, I studied Math. I used the internet so I  could solutions for the correct answers of our summative test. And then, I started studying Values Education BUT I ended up sleeping at the living room with my saliva mark clearly visible at the pillow. hehe In the evening, I studied MAPEH and a bit of Advanced Physics. The second day, I studied Advance Chem &  Advanced Physics. Then tried solving Math without any glancing at the choices. 


Day One. Afternoon.

 — Afternoon was our schedule so it doesn’t matter if I would wake up early or not. Guess? Yes. I woke up at 10! 😀

Anyways, the first subject of our Periodical Exam was Values Education. If gonna rate it? Well, maybe its in the MIDDLE. Not that easy and not that difficult. 😉

Next up, Mathematics.



Well, well, even if I studied and reviewed Math it is still awful. Even though Im with my scientific calculator, I still think Im about to get low scores. It’s unfair Sir! The one you give in the summative test was different with what’s in the exam. I mean, the items where Im supposed to get the measure of an angle with three of its sides given (the one in the summative test) was changed to finding the measure of an angle with two sides given and one angle given. And I was stuck with the cosine & sine law, trying to derived a new formula but I failed. 😦

**We took a break then went to MAPEH who turned out to be sooooooo good except for item 29 which I really dont have any idea what to answer. AND it turned out that WATER was the answer on the last item on the Modified true or False. Yeah, whatever.

 — And the bloodiest of all the bloodiest, Advanced Chemitry and Advanced Physics–

Well, lemme summarize the 2 nerva-racking subjects:

 I tried solving Advanced Physics but I am not sure if my answers were all correct. I even aswered “point of gravity ” instead of “center of gravity” & acceleration instead of “motion”. >_<

When we got into the last part, Advanced Chem, I thought Im gonna start relaxing but then I tensed, cursed in my thoughts.




ADVANCED CHEMISTRY WAS SOOOO BLOODY DIFFICULT. We were only given reviewers but we were not told the correct answers. And, some of the reduction won’t just sink into my head and it was like my brain wanted a break so it stopped processing. I answered all but it would really mean a lot to me if let me say just get the passing score. JUST the passing score, not lower than that, it would really mean a lot. Because right at that moment, I realized, whatever grades I got for all those subjects, it’s my fault if I never took them seriously or I just lack some study habit & it’s my fault if I won’t be included in the top 10. 😦

— Day Two —

Well, I didn’t study last Thursday night and I never had the chance to study at Friday morning since my stomach ache was slowly killing me. I just ate my breakfast took some medicine then I slept. When I woke up, maybe that was 9:45, I started reading my reviewer in ICT & Arpan.

To summarize, arpan and all the other subject was not that arse compared to Advanced Chem and all major subjects in Day One BUT English was sooooo bitchy because we weren’t reviewed and all that came out in the exam were tooo difficult to guess even though there’s choices in it. The worrds are too difficult and I guess only Rose knew them (or Queen too) because you know, it’s like everything in the choices were having the same meaning with the underlined word. the heck!





It was funny how we ended up eating at Foodhaus when we so long-planned to  eat at Darljoy’s Cafe. You know, we went there. As in, I started filling up our orders while the group was standing, waiting for some vacant seats. Then it all happened in a flash, there was a commotion, and I just saw myself running, leaving the pen & the menu. We ran because we decided to eat at the other place. Somewhere more vacant. (Foodhaus)

While we were walking, we couldn’t stop laughing of how stupid we were. 😀 😀 ❤

Anyways, I have to end this blog update because Im gonna start typing for another update. 😉 HAHAHA 🙂 Take care and hell week’s finally overrrr!

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Family Issues asdfghjkl.



*Lemme start my crappy blog with the ones that happened last Tuesday aka Muslim Holiday.


I stayed at home. No. I stayed at our store. I was the one who’s watching it since my mother got some appointments. I watched some movies. And then, a stranger asked where my Grandma (father’s side) is. He was from Zamsureco, the electricity service in our place. 

My grandma came out of their house and it’s pretty obvious that she was expecting a visitor.

Then she asked for my mother and my father, I then told her that they were nowhere to be found.

15 minutes later, my father arrived. He then told me that our store, which is basically 15 meters away from our house, will be disconnected from the electric current.

My father’s pissed, I know. He never saw that coming. He never expected that MY GRANDMA, his MOTHER, would ever do that to us. -_-


ILLEGAL THEIR ASS! IT WAS NOT AN ILLEGAL. (ILLEGAL TAPPING, as what they said) If connecting from their electric source was illegal, then we’ve been law breakers for almost three years now? >_< NO WAY. 

It was unfair to our part. How can it be illegal when the electricity they consumed was paid by us? YES. WE WERE THE ONE WHO’S PAYING THE ELECTRICITY BILL ALL THESE YEARS.

The problem is that, my uncle’s  wife (eww), started living with my grandma. They decided to change the owner’s name of the bill since it was former named from our relative. She wanna change it with my uncle’s name & attending a seminar was required. She then said that we were connecting illegally and we were using it as commercial. 

WTF. I just cant control my anger right now. Is she uneducated or something or is she just the type of a girl who doesn’t know how to think? First thing’s first, if we were illegal, then why are we paying the bill & why haven’t we receive any complaints from the past years?

Bottom line? They wanted us to vacate the area.They wanted us to vanish and be gone out from their sights. They wanted my Mom to just give up tending the store. They wanted to have the store. Isn’t it disrespectful? 

I know straight from my heart that my father was really disappointed with my Grandma. Who would have thought that my Grandma would chose the other one over the other son? She should have waited us to vacate their place since we started planning it. She was just too harsh and it was such a wrong move.

Now, it made me show no mercy to my Grandma. My respect to her was slowly fading. After those unkind words she said to my mom? I couldn’t tell if I should respect her. She even told my parents to just leave the store at her place including the remaining groceries for she will just pay it. Srsly La? You’re too obvious that you were after the store. Ha! Whatever. May you and Aunt Jay-ann live with regrets and may you not sleep peacefully. *evil laugh**

— Sorry if this was too asdfghjkl to take. I’ve been so sh*tty the whole week 😥

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Weird Dream~

So I was currently reading a book in Wattpad entitled If I Fall. I am pretty obsessed about it this past few days. I read it before I go to bed, hid it under my pillows and read it when my insomnia strikes. I read it when Im bored. The story’s too long,that’s why it took me daysto finish reading it.

So there was this chapter in which the male character said ” curiosity killed the cat” and the female character replied him with “satisfaction take it back”

In my dream, I was travelling with my aunt and my Mom to an unknown place. Then the scenario changed. We were at a cathedral. All I can remember was it’s Ozamis City’s cathedral. I was just sitting at the church’s waiting area and then I heard a group of people praying. Then I was too curious so I peeked at the church. I was curious if the place was that huge and/or if the ceilings had paintings.

When I returned to my seat my mom just told me,”curiosity killed the cat” and then I replied her. I told her with much confidence in my voice, “satisfaction took it back”.

Seriously. reading did that to me. :3 HAHHAHA

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To you, who had been hurting.

To you who had been hurting.


Should I say hi? No, it would be too inappropriate. I know you more than anybody else does. In fact, Im the only person who knows you, THE REAL YOU.

               You’re hurt. You’ve been hurting for a quite long time now, you’re in pain yet nobody seemed to notice. Except me, I am the only person who sees right through you. I can see that behind those gorgeous smiles, are tears which took you everything –your real happiness.

You’re bullied. But people don’t know that. Nobody do only I do. They call it “friendly bullying” or just a “friendly insult”, but it isn’t friendly anymore when it hurts you, is it? I know that the purpose was just to make everyone laugh or that was just meant as a joke but crap, but those jokes pierced through your heart. You started to think that people only need you so that they can laugh at you, embarrassed you in front of everyone. So you thought no one really needs you nor loves you.

You’re dying.  Not literally dying but you’re dying inside. T’was like someone punch you in the face – there’s a bigger possibility that you can still get up and take revenge yet you still choose to lie on the ground and just close your eyes. You’re dying, or I might say you wanna die.   You wanna take a rest from all of these problems the human world face. You wanna get away from your family problems to your friends’ betrayal down to your lovelife. You wanna stay away with everyone’s expectations to you – your academic career, your future. You wanna cut yourself. You thought about it not just once but a lot.

               You are hurt, you are bullied and you are dying. All you wanted is to live… for the first time.But no one can grant you that.. not even me.

               But, you are not alone. I am with you, in hard times when you feel like giving up. I will always be with you.. until you finally realized that we only live once and instead of staying at the corner, you’ll finally realized that getting up and enjoying life again is  no harm. That trusting someone again might probably be dangerous but who cares? And giving grudge to your friends wont do any good so you would either ask for your forgiveness or forgive them. And you’ll realize that God is with you no matter what and He’ll help you no matter how big your problem is. You just need to trust Him and pray.

               I will always be with you.. for I am you and you are me. And the only thing you have.. is yourself.


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Family Day.

“We won’t attend that event. We will be busy on that day.”

Words that stabbed me. Words that are killing me and caused me much pain.

It’s worse than my friends never notice me the way I wanted to notice them.

I want them (my parents) to attend that special day because we never had a day together.

Last time, I was this so dramatic, I cried all night and convinced them to attend my recognition day. I even thought of some negative things like,”They’re attending other’s burial but how come they can’t attend my recognition day?” Im so bad right? I never thought of the reasons why they’re doing those things. It for our future, our own good.

I never thought of my mom doing her best just to tend the store for us to have something to eat and to buy anything we need.

I never thought of my father working for almost 8 hours in the Bank.

Now, I completely understand it. They’re working for us. It’s ok. Everyday is heaven when Im with them and no family day can ever tie it. Many days are  yet to come with them. Im going to treasure it. 🎉💖