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The Response <3


I think it’s a bit ironic how you stated that you don’t want to be dramatic in your message but I ended up crying ( a bit ) in our living room last Friday night.

Anyways, WHY DID YOU READ MY MESSAGE IN YOUR CHEM NOTEBOOK? YOU SHOULD’VE READ IT THIS MARCH PA!! You know it entertains me watching you cry because of my message. HAHAHA, Im just kidding tho.

Sorry Mers for everything that I’ve done that caused you pain. Sorry for I sometimes point out your imperfections. I know they were meant to be a joke but let’s not deny the fact that you’re also hurt when we annoy you with the aesthetic and the duck thing. Im also sorry for the BLOG WAR! XD The worst misunderstanding we’d overcome so far.I know it was just a friendship test and kudos to us because we’re still friends and fortunately we overcome it. Sorry if you ever felt that you’re alone and Im sorry for not being there to disagree with that fact.Sorry for the misunderstandings and childish fights . There are still many things I need to point out here but gaaaaahd,DAGHAN KAAYO KO UG SALA NIMO MIRS.

Mirs, don’t you ever dare to change. Oh wait. change for the better but don’t change everything that made you as Merrah. Im gonna punch you in your face if you would be snobbish to me if we ever meet again. I hope you would earn more confidence to be proud of yourself and to socialize with others. Always put inyour mind that we are still young to focus on the negative things in life. YOLO. You only live once. So, heads up and try to gain friends with and enjoy life.

Remember when I told you to break the rules? HAHA. I honestly don’t know what Im talking about that time but now I’ve realized what I said. Break the rules. Step out of the border which you set within yourself. Study hard in college but don’t force yourself too much. Take a break and go somewhere. You may or may not fall in love BUT you should have an inspiration (family & friends are enough). Don’t assume and expect the unexpected.

I don’t know if after highschool we gonna see each other every month. I might not see you for a long time but please don’t forget me,ok? Im surely gonna miss the moments we shared. Im gonna miss the fangirling, the book reviews, the defending-your-fandom-thing, the opinions we exchange when we read the same book, the “love-thing” we felt between the fictional characters, and the secret code names only the two of us knew (Jadis). Im gonna miss the long talks we shared in the girl’s CR while im sitting the counter or just simply checking myself in the mirror.

Thank you for being a god audience to my highschool drama. Thanks for hearing me out -from my family problems down to school problems.Thanks for believing in me when no one does and thanks for hearing my PARNESS.

Have a good life Merrah and always remember that you have a pretty friend whose birthday is before yours.


Dexiel ❤ ❤

(Please dont reply,I might cry. Your post was enough to make me sob under my pillow three days ago.HAHA :X)

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16th Birthday (Sweet Sixteen♡♡)

               No words can ever describe how happy I am. I mean I wasn’t quite expecting to be this happy but I felt so special today.
               My friends visited me here in our house and their presence was a gift. I owe them a lot since I know it needs a lot of reasoning just to come here. I cant fully expressed my gratitude to those who efforted on making me a video and photo greetings. My friends especially Esesjeh made noise at exactly twelve midnight in Facebook. Some of my former classnates slash close friends also greeted me in advance and some at exactly twelve midnight.
             I cant stop thinking how lucky I am indeed! All these years, my former classmates still remembered my birthday including those who lived outside the country.
               Friends from other school gave me presents. They even bought me a cake! Womp womp. And an eiffel tower top.
It would take me forever to narrate what happened today but I wont surely forget everything happened today–the greetings,my love ones’ presence, the swimming pool escapade and many more.
               To conclude this, I would like to thank you Lord for everything. Without you, I won’t be here. Thank you for waking me up each day and for giving me auppprtive parents and friends. Thank you for helping me overcome life’s great challenges. I maybe lose my Grandma this year but I know that she’s out there hiding behind the heaven’s clouds.
I also thank you oh Lord for givibg me the opportunity in making up to the National Schools Press Conference. Thanks for giving me new friends and I hope that dozens of them are coming. Mehihi
At fifteen, I experienced great pain and a lot of misery and loneliness but still happiness and love dominated them.
Cheers for my sixteen years of existence and counting. ♡

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Exam is Over! Lesh Party. :)

( Supposed to be yesternight’s blog update)

               I am so tired. Tired because I studied four four days because of our periodical exam. You know, I should be thankful because we were given two free days for us to study but sorry I am not happy to have those 2 free days.

              I’ve got two days to study but that would mean 2 freaking days to avoid my phone, my laptop and anything Internet-related. I know it’s absurd to make rules for yourself but its more absurd if gonna set rules for myself and then later break it. What I did? I literally didn’t break any rules, erm, except for posting a selfie after I relieved the abdominal pain. 

            I know what you’re thinking. HAHAHA. Frankly speaking, I haven’t really studied that good and that serious. Well, the first day, I studied Math. I used the internet so I  could solutions for the correct answers of our summative test. And then, I started studying Values Education BUT I ended up sleeping at the living room with my saliva mark clearly visible at the pillow. hehe In the evening, I studied MAPEH and a bit of Advanced Physics. The second day, I studied Advance Chem &  Advanced Physics. Then tried solving Math without any glancing at the choices. 


Day One. Afternoon.

 — Afternoon was our schedule so it doesn’t matter if I would wake up early or not. Guess? Yes. I woke up at 10! 😀

Anyways, the first subject of our Periodical Exam was Values Education. If gonna rate it? Well, maybe its in the MIDDLE. Not that easy and not that difficult. 😉

Next up, Mathematics.



Well, well, even if I studied and reviewed Math it is still awful. Even though Im with my scientific calculator, I still think Im about to get low scores. It’s unfair Sir! The one you give in the summative test was different with what’s in the exam. I mean, the items where Im supposed to get the measure of an angle with three of its sides given (the one in the summative test) was changed to finding the measure of an angle with two sides given and one angle given. And I was stuck with the cosine & sine law, trying to derived a new formula but I failed. 😦

**We took a break then went to MAPEH who turned out to be sooooooo good except for item 29 which I really dont have any idea what to answer. AND it turned out that WATER was the answer on the last item on the Modified true or False. Yeah, whatever.

 — And the bloodiest of all the bloodiest, Advanced Chemitry and Advanced Physics–

Well, lemme summarize the 2 nerva-racking subjects:

 I tried solving Advanced Physics but I am not sure if my answers were all correct. I even aswered “point of gravity ” instead of “center of gravity” & acceleration instead of “motion”. >_<

When we got into the last part, Advanced Chem, I thought Im gonna start relaxing but then I tensed, cursed in my thoughts.




ADVANCED CHEMISTRY WAS SOOOO BLOODY DIFFICULT. We were only given reviewers but we were not told the correct answers. And, some of the reduction won’t just sink into my head and it was like my brain wanted a break so it stopped processing. I answered all but it would really mean a lot to me if let me say just get the passing score. JUST the passing score, not lower than that, it would really mean a lot. Because right at that moment, I realized, whatever grades I got for all those subjects, it’s my fault if I never took them seriously or I just lack some study habit & it’s my fault if I won’t be included in the top 10. 😦

— Day Two —

Well, I didn’t study last Thursday night and I never had the chance to study at Friday morning since my stomach ache was slowly killing me. I just ate my breakfast took some medicine then I slept. When I woke up, maybe that was 9:45, I started reading my reviewer in ICT & Arpan.

To summarize, arpan and all the other subject was not that arse compared to Advanced Chem and all major subjects in Day One BUT English was sooooo bitchy because we weren’t reviewed and all that came out in the exam were tooo difficult to guess even though there’s choices in it. The worrds are too difficult and I guess only Rose knew them (or Queen too) because you know, it’s like everything in the choices were having the same meaning with the underlined word. the heck!





It was funny how we ended up eating at Foodhaus when we so long-planned to  eat at Darljoy’s Cafe. You know, we went there. As in, I started filling up our orders while the group was standing, waiting for some vacant seats. Then it all happened in a flash, there was a commotion, and I just saw myself running, leaving the pen & the menu. We ran because we decided to eat at the other place. Somewhere more vacant. (Foodhaus)

While we were walking, we couldn’t stop laughing of how stupid we were. 😀 😀 ❤

Anyways, I have to end this blog update because Im gonna start typing for another update. 😉 HAHAHA 🙂 Take care and hell week’s finally overrrr!

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To you, who had been hurting.

To you who had been hurting.


Should I say hi? No, it would be too inappropriate. I know you more than anybody else does. In fact, Im the only person who knows you, THE REAL YOU.

               You’re hurt. You’ve been hurting for a quite long time now, you’re in pain yet nobody seemed to notice. Except me, I am the only person who sees right through you. I can see that behind those gorgeous smiles, are tears which took you everything –your real happiness.

You’re bullied. But people don’t know that. Nobody do only I do. They call it “friendly bullying” or just a “friendly insult”, but it isn’t friendly anymore when it hurts you, is it? I know that the purpose was just to make everyone laugh or that was just meant as a joke but crap, but those jokes pierced through your heart. You started to think that people only need you so that they can laugh at you, embarrassed you in front of everyone. So you thought no one really needs you nor loves you.

You’re dying.  Not literally dying but you’re dying inside. T’was like someone punch you in the face – there’s a bigger possibility that you can still get up and take revenge yet you still choose to lie on the ground and just close your eyes. You’re dying, or I might say you wanna die.   You wanna take a rest from all of these problems the human world face. You wanna get away from your family problems to your friends’ betrayal down to your lovelife. You wanna stay away with everyone’s expectations to you – your academic career, your future. You wanna cut yourself. You thought about it not just once but a lot.

               You are hurt, you are bullied and you are dying. All you wanted is to live… for the first time.But no one can grant you that.. not even me.

               But, you are not alone. I am with you, in hard times when you feel like giving up. I will always be with you.. until you finally realized that we only live once and instead of staying at the corner, you’ll finally realized that getting up and enjoying life again is  no harm. That trusting someone again might probably be dangerous but who cares? And giving grudge to your friends wont do any good so you would either ask for your forgiveness or forgive them. And you’ll realize that God is with you no matter what and He’ll help you no matter how big your problem is. You just need to trust Him and pray.

               I will always be with you.. for I am you and you are me. And the only thing you have.. is yourself.


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Sorry for making you feel insecure because as what you’ve said..”IM PERFECT ALMOST ALL THE TIME.” HAHAHA. I haven’t done anything unusual that made me perfect so why are you thinking that thing? TBH, Im the one who’s insecure here because..

A. you’re so cute I wanna pinch your pinkish cheeks,

B. you’re so good in braiding and I,myself cant even handle braiding my own hair.

C. you’re so good in Math and you’re very fluent in English

D. you’re a multitasker but you always get high scores during tests

E. you have an awesome teeth.

F. you’re such a fangirl and you have many vids and I cant even imagine how you manage watching them

G. you can be a great historian (since you’re somewhat interested in World history), surgeon, book author,engineer and accountant

Rose? I just want to clarify things. You being a bitch childish 3rd year student almost all the time never annoyed me. I am really sorry for sometimes I never had time talking to you when we were heading our way home it’s just that 1. Im tired 2. Im afraid I might commit mistakes when we fangirl 3. and I think you are not interested in our topics XDD. I am really happy you’re in my life, I mean you’re such a blessing in disguise. I mean, we were really shy @ first. Remember the first time we rode the bus?  You were hesitant to ride it for some reasons yet I convincedyou and since that day, we always go home together. 🙂 ❤

Ps. You really suck @ gift-wrapping but I was really happy when you gave me that rolled newspaper in the bus and I dont even know what to say.

PPS. I wont talk to you about this at school but please lemme blog about this ’cause I really am so happy 🙂

PPPS. I love you even though you’re so childish. :* Thanks for the tee ❤


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Perks of Being a “Bestfriend”—Just another blabbering

First things first, I don’t consider myself as your bestfriend.


because you never shared something confedential to me. Tsk. Compared to my former crush who used to share secrets with me.

..because you never comforted me when I cry nor even made an effort to make me smile

..because you didn’t bother talking to me when Im around compared to my former crush.

..because you always pretend you didn’t see me even if you did..

..because you only text me if you’re bored

..because you only text me if you aren’t texting with your ex-girlfriend

..because you told me you love me yet you never prove it

..because you are another living proof of persons living with a motto of “promises are meant to be broken”

..because you never show anything regarding of what you feel

..because I think that you just loved me when your ex is not around

..because I think that you still love your ex and Im just a rebound

..because you are such a hard-headed person because I already told you I don’t love you yet  you still continue to hang around

..because our parents teased us when they’re around

..because I hated you

..because I once loved you

..because we knew we both feel the same way yet I refused to be involved with you

..because I chose to stay as your friend because I am insecure and I DO LOVE SOMEONE ELSE.. <33

Second, I hate you.


..because I don’t consider you as my bestfriend

..because I hate our call signs.. I hate having endearments

..because I hate the way you text..  HE is way better

..because I hate it when you told me you love me yet you are flirting with your ex.. May you rot in hell ^^,

..because you’re just one of the guys who became a part of my life. So what? LIFE goes on.


I loved you but that was years ago. And to make things clearer, I loved you but just an ounce of 20% not like *ehem* which I won’t ever deny that I loved him with a rate of hmm? 85% 😀 Aaaaaaaaaaand, he gave me butterflies in my stomach, he made me stay up all night long thinking of him. Not like you. You’re the opposite. Im not being bitter here. Buuuuut please,stop playing games. If you love your ex then go settle things with her and you two rot in hell. And just tell your ex to stop being a douche bag because she did hurt you for a thousand times and you always come near me and It’s pretty annoying and it causes you to play games and hurt someone’s feelings and makes them dtronger,better and gaaaaaaaad she’s wrecking our friendship. Here’s one thing sure, I DON’T LOVE YOU . Stop acting like you are my bestfriend because you never comforted me. You never made me feel happy. You’re just an ordinary guy trying to destroy things. K? backoff.

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People I met in 2k13 ! Nice meetin ya ! :D

Ohlala. I dont know why we guys met. HAHA Destiny? MAYBE. Haha. Only God knows why.

*Trisha Iris – I just saw some random posts on my news feed and saw your name. I added you afterwards. I didn’t expect pajud nga we share common friends and we have the same likes (book and stuff) HAHA. Bonus na guro tung journalism nu nga I met you personally tas naka-handshake pjud. Yiiie ❤

*Laura Astunette – via Facebook japun. Oy Geng, salamat kaayu sa pinaulbong advices ug pampakilig nko ha? mehehe 😀

*Haniyah Salih- we became friends in a very-nakakahiya-I-wont-forget way. wadapak. nangaway ko nimo Haaaan! Haha. Im so rude that time pramis yet you still managed to stay calm despite the situatiom. I adore you so much. gwapa tas nice ug tingug. HAHA ❤ yie. Han sorry for the pangaway I did. 😀 met via Azel

*Gee Nicole,Warlito,Fritz – hey ya guys. we met because of journalism and because of Iris 😀 HAHA. I really appreciate you being kind to me and murag dugay nata gaela nga treatment, Thanks for trusting me and sharing secrets with me. Nicole, regards si Paul! ❤ War, si Miss Orator ayiiie.