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16th Birthday (Sweet Sixteen♡♡)

               No words can ever describe how happy I am. I mean I wasn’t quite expecting to be this happy but I felt so special today.               My friends visited me here in our house and their presence was a gift. I owe them…… Continue reading 16th Birthday (Sweet Sixteen♡♡)

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Exam is Over! Lesh Party. :)

( Supposed to be yesternight’s blog update)               I am so tired. Tired because I studied four four days because of our periodical exam. You know, I should be thankful because we were given two free days for us to study but sorry I am not happy to have those…… Continue reading Exam is Over! Lesh Party. 🙂

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To you, who had been hurting.

To you who had been hurting.   Should I say hi? No, it would be too inappropriate. I know you more than anybody else does. In fact, Im the only person who knows you, THE REAL YOU.                You’re hurt. You’ve been hurting for a quite long time now, you’re in pain yet nobody seemed…… Continue reading To you, who had been hurting.

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Perks of Being a “Bestfriend”—Just another blabbering

First things first, I don’t consider myself as your bestfriend. Why? …because you never shared something confedential to me. Tsk. Compared to my former crush who used to share secrets with me. ..because you never comforted me when I cry nor even made an effort to make me smile ..because you didn’t bother talking to…… Continue reading Perks of Being a “Bestfriend”—Just another blabbering