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December to Remember 2013😂

Those late night text and calls. The invite. The fireworks. The secene at the church. That’s the problem. It was eons ago yet you still remembered the date.  Can’t you see? He doesn’t even remembered or he doesn’t care. Those memories which gave you butterflies and made you stay awake in late nights. It was…… Continue reading December to Remember 2013😂

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16th Birthday (Sweet Sixteen♡♡)

               No words can ever describe how happy I am. I mean I wasn’t quite expecting to be this happy but I felt so special today.               My friends visited me here in our house and their presence was a gift. I owe them…… Continue reading 16th Birthday (Sweet Sixteen♡♡)

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If I could just time travel.. Random topics INSERTED.

If I could time travel, there are many scenes I wish I could change so that I won’t make things which I regret today, and  do things which I never did years back. I wanna change those unhappy moments to a happy one. I hope I never met the people who hurt  me. I wanna…… Continue reading If I could just time travel.. Random topics INSERTED.

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Sudden realization. –February 14 is coming >_<

Friend: So it’s January 14 now and 1 month to go… it’s VALENTINE’S DAY. ❤ Me: (hits my head like David Tennant) What the hell. They said there will be a prom that month and I dont have annnnnnnny partner and I know the school agreed to make it simple and and.. I hate valentine’s…… Continue reading Sudden realization. –February 14 is coming >_<