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First Year in UP

So here’s a summary of one amazing academic year in the University of the Philippines.

I didn’t really expect everything to turn out great especially since I’m new to the environment but I am very  much thankful and lucky to have these people who guided me throughout the UP life.

To MSI, my first org, the family that gave me the opportunity to lead the batch and be the representative for them. I know I always say this but I couldn’t thank you enough for the chance and thank you for giving me a reason to stay with my course. You guys are great, I would want to be part of the org always and that, if may batch would allow. 💕

To the Balay Ilonggo dormers:

My roomates for enduring my constant blabberings and fangirlings, my OCD, my sleeptalks and everything in between. Thank you for always understanding my mood and to your comforts everytime I feel depressed abt my life. Hay, UP. 😅

BI friends from uppclass to freshies, thank you thank you. You have always been the cousins I ever wanted. Thank you for all the hand-me-down reviewers, tutorial 101, borrowed dresses, fashion tips, life hacks, EVERYTHIIIIING. 😅 I owe you 50% of my happiness here since the dorm has always been home. Next acad year would be totally different since some of you won’t be around, but I hope the bond that we shared would not be forgotten. love you ppl

DUCES, one of my Professor told me that in order to make my stay here in UP worthwhile I should do something that later in my life, I would be proud of. “Invest something that you can say helped the humanity,” she said. And this org opened its doors for me. Thank you for strengthening my leadership skills and for enabling me to help other people through outreach activities. Thank you utods, I hope we could bond and eat OSA-sponsored food for the incoming activities. 😁

Bloc D, I admit it, we are all not super close. But there’s an aura within you guys, a golden string of some sort, that keeps me pulling back near you. You are the friends, that even if we don’t always talk, will always have a special place in my heart. Let’s beat the odds, shall we? Let’s study harder and get that Sablay we’ve been aiming to have. And let us not forget one another. I might not be vocal abt it, but one single smile and hi in the corridors is much appreciated. KAYA TA NI. 💪🏼

FresCo, CM Mardigras Akwe, Old Fangled Carnivale Akwe, BI Akwe, House Council, Bloc Team Building, Juan Big Idea, CMPF, Renaissance..

Toledo, Caballum, Torio, Colon, Arroyo, Catinan, Sadaba. Yap, Pison, Mediodia, Muyargas, Parcon…

Great and Bad things are yet to come. Cheers to three more years (I hope) here in UP.

Cheers for more coffee, readings over feelings, acads over lakads, Kopiko 78.. and to the great unknown. 🍻 🍻

Mabuhay ang mga Iskolar ng Bayan. 🙂


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Juan Big Idea: A Journey Towards Marketing Eminence

UPV, Iloilo City- To help marketing students boost their inner self-confidence and package their self to the real business industry, Philippine Junior Marketing Association in coordination with UPV Marketing Society Incorporated conducted a forum about Personal Branding last February 22.

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The event was participated by an estimated number of 600 participants from Central Philippine University, UP Visayas, Far Eastern University (Makati and Manila), University of Santo Tomas, Batanggas State University, Adamson University and St. Louis University.

Mr. John Paolo  F. Calona, brand manager of Mega Tuna, talked about Secrets Nobody Tell You about Effective Personal Branding. He shared to the crowd the blueprints of business strategies on how to brand yourself to other people.

“You need to learn how to unlearn to learn again,” personal advice given by Calona.

Advices on how to handle haters (aka. Confused fans) were then lectured by Sir Stanley Chi, comedian, host and author of One Night Stan and Men from QC. The participants listened as the comedian gave them tips and later on asked questions about personal branding on social media.

Stanley Chi with Juan Big Idea participants.

The last speaker, Mr. Edgar Allan Caper , Marketing Director of KFC Guam, talked about Branding Marketers for ASEAN Integration wherein he shared his life experiences to the students and gave tips on how to be globally competitive marketers. He also showed some of his past projects from Pizza Hut to KFC which were then followed by his insights on how he came up with that idea.

“He shared things both in a scientific and objective manner. It’s one of the talks I admire most. It’s not boring and I gained many things from it,”said Gino Luistro, UPV student.

Last part of the event was awarding of raffle prizes and giving of certificates and ended at exactly 4:30 in the afternoon.

*It was my first time to really attend a marketing seminar since I missed Stratmark and it was really good for a first. The speakers were good doing their job, they don’t bore me and the participants were attentive. There was no dull moment.

Aside from that, MSI gave me  the opportunity to attend Juan Big Idea and it was such a great privilege to meet new people especially those who came from Manila. 🙂 I met new people, older than me since they’re already in 2nd year to 4th year in college. It was fun talking with them, sharing experiences and teaching them how to talk Hiligaynon. Aside from that Rjay and I also helped them on tasks like distributing the food, controlling the crowd and whatnots. They also shared their experiences to us (most of them were PJMA trainees) on what drove them to join PJMA, their passion for the course and how difficult it is to meet with the other members since they’re very far from each other. But anyway, yesterday was really awesome, I cannot contain my happiness. ❤ 🙂

Here’s some of the pictures: ❤

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Think and Reflect.

I sometimes think of myself. I was so selfish. Look at this child, trying to do all the things he can just to earn for a living. Look at me. I’m just probably didn’t work anything just to eat meals three times a day. I didn’t get to crawl my way just to buy what I want, I had a good education. I have parents. They’re there to guide me.
Indeed, I am so lucky to have my family. I feel awful to myself because sometimes even though it’s not really a necessity, I cried over things so that my parents will buy it. Without even realizing that they worked for it. Without realizing their effort in gaining money and us, wasting it. Without realizing that there are things far more important. I was selfish. But I’m trying to change. There are rooms for improvements right? I’m trying not to be a brat, Im trying to save money, Im trying to help.
But for now, I hope someone from the higher office might see this video and take action about this child. Can we give him a wheelchair? I think he really needs it. 🙂