Poetry · scribbles

L O V E ❤💕

Since I was young I dreamt of you
Daydreams of princes and love that’s true
Hopeless may it seem
It has always been a dream.

He’s charming and sweet
When with him my heart skips a beat
I was sixteen when I gave it a try
And all I got were puffy eyes.

Foolish heart you fell to the trap
And no one’s there to pull you back.
Now your heart’s been ripped open
Pieces shattered and broken.

Pick it up
Don’t give up
Someone’s coming
Just wait for the perfect timing.

(Im always a sucker for true loves and happy endings so I guess this poem goes to me. That despite hurting a lot of times, we should never give up and take risks to love and trust someone again- because when we finally find that someone? He will really be worth the pain.)

Poetry · scribbles · serious

Maybe not.

Stuck in the thing called “You and I”
Please tell me if you’re here to stay or just passed by
My heart died when you said goodbye
But the world lit up when you returned and said hi.

Please tell me I should wait
Or should I just forget everything since we were eight
They say love is sweeter the second time around,
You make me feel special and my heart goes pound and pound.

Maybe we’re not meant to be
Maybe you’re not just for me
Maybe because you’re not free
But maybe because the world conspires that you don’t love me.

And Im just stuck here, nearly falling
And I know you’re not catching
So  it’s too late to back out
I’ll just enjoy the fall and cry my hearts out.

Loving you for how many years
It couldn’t be measured by my tears
But one thing’s sure
All I ever feel was pure.

And tonight as I pour these words
Posted so all can see in the world
I promised to let you go.
Be happy. Go.

Be happy because someday I’ll be too.
Someday when stars aligned and I’ll meet someone like you.