Valentine’s Day

Who says only couples celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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Even the Gods cursed February 14 because it was raining so hard. Nevertheless, my roomies and friends celebrated it eating our hearts out at Mang Inasal. 😀

Mind you, the way to get a table was so frick-fracking hard because the mall was crowded with people and every restaurant was fullybooked. It took us an hour to get a table and half an hour to receive our order. But anyway it was fun eating with friends. 🙂 We shared the same feeling of not getting flowers and chocolates instead we received letters from US. ❤ HAHAH 😀

Some of the letters I received from “The Letters to Dormers” at the lobby 🙂

Devil’s Temptation

We all want to get a perfect score in a test. or to get good grades especially in Math ( Calculus ).

It was February 12 this year when we had our surprise quiz in Calculus and what the hell it was only 5 items, 2 points each.

I know the three items, of course I studied but the other two? Well I say, let’s leave it up to faith.

I answered the quiz which really made me nervous because of my answers.

My classmates especially at the back were so annoying because our teacher instructed us not to ask questions to our seatmates. But then I was kinda annoyed and jealous to the back-seaters since I can hear their whispers like “how did you get number 1?” “Is your answer like this?”.

Tsss. I was kinda pissed but well life is so not fair.

After 45 minutes, we checked our answers. You know what I my expected score is? Three.

I was so depressed that time because having three as a score is a total failure. I should have gotten 6 but I was too careless I put X into something there shouldn’t be an X. When the papers were returned to the owner, I was quite surprised I got 7!! But then I double checked the answers, and I know I supposed to have 4 as the score because the person who checked my work put a check mark on my mistakes.

I was tempted to just stay quiet and just sit there and pretend nothing was wrong and wait for the teacher to ask me my score. But then, the good Dexiel told me to punch back and say to the checker that I’m only 4. Then my seatmate was pretty amazed because I risked doing that and he was so awed on my honesty. So, he checked my paper again and told me that I got 5 because I happen to answer number 5 which I never thought I got the correct solution.

Not a bad one then. But well, lesson learned. Check your work, don’t be careless and stay honest J


Something Random <3

Truth is, we get to fall in love easily. We can admire a person though we didn’t really know him that well. We admire them, talks about them with friends and just well, we find ourselves smiling and daydreaming about that person.

We enjoy talking with them. We even spend our free time texting with them and I bet he’s the one you’re texting with before you sleep at night. I know that feeling, I experienced that before and history repeats itself.

I met him. I met him in an unexpected way. Facebook.

Then the whole thing started. We just found ourselves interested with each other. That we happen to love the same things and there are things that we are really alike. We talked. chatted about our likes- books, love in writing, personal experiences, and then boom! Hearts everywhere.

That’s the problem, as I said. WE GET TO FALL IN LOVE EASILY. Girls! Am I right? We often misinterpret the kindness of others. Just five consecutive days of testing, chatting and sharing and then you like him already. That you find him attractive. And you started stalking him. He did the same too.

He asked you advice when he needs them, and you, on the other hand, would comfort him and cheer him up. You had a contest on the following day? He would boost your confidence. He tells you that you could do it, that you can aced everyone and you would get to meet him in person. Oh my, oh my. You’re falling my friend.

You fell. I must say. He started not chatting you, well your fault. Because you f*cking assumed. You started assuming. That somehow he feels the same. Too bad, he only texts you when he’s bored, asks for an advice when no one’s gonna give him one. Sorry. Sorry because I know this post will hurt you but it’s for your own good.

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. But come to think of this, HE WONT FEEL THE SAME. WAKE UP. WAKE UP.

He sees you as a friend. Nothing more, nothing less. So just stop all these weird things. I feel sorry for yourself. I feel sorry because you get to be hurt over and over again. Remember you burned your tongue on a piece of pizza and I think it’s a strong metaphor that sometimes the things you love most in life will hurt you. This is your wake-up call. STOP.

Don’t misinterpret his actions. Dont overthink about him. It’s for the best. Promise, after you read this in the future.. you’re going to thank me because I  just made the best decision. Just dont mind your heart beating that fast. Dont. Not now.




Advance Happy Halloween :o

Something scary slash terrible happened today that made every hair in my body stand. It’s almost November 1 and scary things started to frighten people and spirits… they’re just here watching us.

My friend and I went home late since I cleaned the classroom and she waited for me. We then went to the bus station but unfortunately there were no bus so we decided to take the tricycle. The vehicle was loaded with passengers- my friend and I occupied the front seat, a nurse and a student occupied the backseat,  the driver, the teacher, and 3 other passengers, one is a  girl maybe on the age of 11, on our side. Before the driver started the engine, he asked the little girl where will he drop her. The girl then replied, “Sa Sudlon ko kol.” She said she will stop at some place named Sudlon, which is situated maybe 10-14 minutes drive from the terminal. It’s getting dark outside and it’s cold too since it rained earlier. The motorcycle was now in Blancia, it’s a barangay with few houses near the highway and is surrounded with many trees. Passengers were minding their own business- I am scrolling at my cellphone while others are just quiet. And then we came to a stop. I paused on what Im doing. We stopped beside the highway, with tall trees in between and no sign of any houses and there were no streetlights as well. The driver then asked the little girl, “Diri raka day?”  He asked the girl if this is where she’s gonna drop and the little replied, “Dili man diari kol. Unahan paman amoa sa may mangga.” The girl told the driver that she’s not dropping there because their house is farther to the place where we stopped. She said her house is located near a mango tree and it’s suppose to be the next succeding barangay the motorcycle is about to pass. The driver was dumbstruck and the teacher who sat beside me said, “I really heard a small voice a while ago.” She said she heard a little girl’s voice saying the word,”Diri lang ko.” I never heard it so I was shocked and scared. The boy who’s sitting at the back of the driver remained silent for a while. He then asked the teacher if the voice was loud enough to be heard or not, the woman said that it’s not that loud. The boy then said to the group that he heard something, a very soft voice saying to the driver to stop the vehicle at that place.

We remained silent at that time. Well, I guess, someone accompanied us that time :3 Happy Halloween!